Wednesday, April 21, 2021

TRUTH: Through a moral lens

| April 7, 2021 1:00 AM

Belief is defined as “An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.” How does the average “Mary” or “Joe” discover truth? What does a definitive premise look like?

If I believed that CNN tells the truth in their reporting, but Fox does not, how do I qualify that statement? The problem lies in the fact that consensus does not make something true. Here is the definition of true, “In accordance with fact or reality.”

Murder is wrong, until it is the unborn. Pedophilia is wrong, until the psychiatric community deems it normal. Except for a very small portion of our society, few would support the idea, that binge drinking is a healthy lifestyle and redeemable to society. There must be a right to have a wrong.

Is it true? America is a haven and the safest place on Earth? If you look at the border, and the hordes that are pouring into this country, that is a true statement. They break our laws to stake their claim for living in the USA. Just look at the financial cost, but also the physical loss, which many of these poor souls are willing to pay to get here. They even sacrifice their children to the cartels and the elements; that is how bad America is.

There is a cartel in America and they are not foreigners who live south of the border. Their mutual interest is, they live and breathe hate for America and its founding principles. Their normal is undefinable, their truth is heretical and at any cost, they promise the masses equity, what a combination of evil. They are complicit in the immoral suffering happening at the border. Their mantra is, “America was founded by White Supremacists and therefore, every aspect of this nation is flawed and in need of change. Their method of change is socialism.

Does this cartel speak in accordance with fact or reality? Make them prove it, not just speak it.


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