Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sheriff's blotter

| April 7, 2021 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift responded to the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to an Unattended Death. Nothing suspicious noted.


• As the result of a Traffic Stop near Seltice X Wellesley, Deputies arrested Brendon J. Kidd for his Warrant.

Evening Shift responded to the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to the area of E. Ogara Rd. for a reported Injury Crash involving possibly 4 occupants. Due to the driver possibly being intoxicated, and the fact there was a female who was 20 weeks pregnant that was injured, the Traffic Team was paged out. A total of 5 patients were transported to KH via ambulance with non-life threatening injuries. 21-13934

• A Deputy responded to S. Stach Rd. for a reported Animal Bite involving a dog that bit the top of a finger off of a female subject. The dog was quarantined at the PF Shelter at the request of the dog owner. 21-13937

• Deputies responded to a reported Family Dispute. A male was verbally arguing with his wife, and their son got involved and decided to push his dad. Deputies were able to diffuse the situation, and after speaking with the Deputy, the family members apologized to each other and realized things had briefly gotten out of hand. 21-13951

• Deputies responded to a reported Family Dispute. On scene it was determined a male committed Domestic Battery. The male was arrested for domestic battery. 21-13956

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy came upon a disabled vehicle on Highway 95 at mile marker 445. It was soon discovered it was actually a vehicle vs. deer crash. No injuries were reported. 21-13954

• Backcountry deputies along with USFS Law Enforcement interrupted a juvenile party at Hayden Creek shooting pit. Alcohol was present and the juveniles were cited accordingly. 21-13960

• Deputies responded to the area of regarding a serious injury crash. A vehicle traveling S/B on Highway 95, lost control and travelled across the N/B lanes of Highway 95, finally coming to rest on Williams Ln. Medical units arrived on scene and requested Life Flight due to the severity of injuries to the sole occupant. ISP arrived and took primary on the crash. 21-13965

• Numerous Deputies responded to a reported large fight at Nashville North. The investigation revealed a group from Washington was visiting Nashville North for a bachelor party. A male got highly intoxicated and was cut off by bartenders. He continued to try to purchase drinks and was pushing other customers and bouncers. He was escorted out of the building by security. He then tried to jump the fence to get back in the bar and when confronted by bouncers again, he tried to fight them. The male was ultimately cited for battery and trespassed. 21-13970

• The shift responded to E. Yellowstone Trail along with Officers from CDAPD and ISP for a missing 3 year old. It was relayed that the child had not been seen since sometime last night. Within approximately 20 minutes of units arriving on scene, Deputies located the child approximately 1000 feet north of the residence in the brush after hearing her cry. Other than having no shoes on and being dirty, she appeared uninjured. The child was reunited with the family. An incident report was completed. 21-13981

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift responded to the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to a possible domestic report. The female half called in to say there was an argument and she was scared to go home. After arriving on scene and speaking to both parties, it was determined no crime had taken place. The male half gathered some things and left for the evening.

• Deputies responded to a possible battery. A female called in to report a battery that occurred in her driveway, however the details were extremely vague and she did not want to peruse charges. She indicated an unknown male stopped in her driveway, got out of the car and pushed her down to the ground. No further information was available.

Evening Shift responded to the following notable calls:

• A Deputy responded to Showgirls for a trespassing call. A male was inside the business after being previously trespassed. The male was told to leave by management several times, and refused to leave. Once deputies arrived, the male was asked to leave which he did after a taxi was called. 21-14050

• A Deputy responded to the CDA Casino for a trespassing call. A female had been called in twice at the location as being previously trespassed and refusing to leave. The first call was handled by TPD. When deputies arrived the second time, the female explained that she was waiting to get a ride to Moscow and had taken the bus as far south as she could. She was provided a ride to Plummer. 21-14062

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Nothing notable to report for night shift.

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift responded to the following notable calls:

• Tribal PD was in pursuit of a vehicle and asked for our assistance. We responded non code to assist, however prior to our arrival we disregarded.

• A Deputy responded to Worley to do a follow up on a mal-injury on W. H St. He collected some more evidence and was able to identify a suspect.

• A Deputy responded to S. Lake St. in Medimont for a cold battery report stemming from a road rage incident. An R/P called in to report a male followed him back to his residence and "hit" him. A report was taken.

Evening Shift responded to the following notable calls:

• A Deputy responded to a report that a 12 year old male had threatened his grandparents with a knife because they told him to go to bed and took his X-Box away from him. The Deputy arrested the juvenile for aggravated assault. 21-14192

• A Deputy located a male at 95 and Dakota after he was reported missing from his care facility in CDA. He was reunited with the caretakers.

• A Deputy stopped a vehicle at Ramsey and Garwood. During the stop he located marijuana belonging to a male who was cited and released. 21-14168

• Deputies responded to Burma Road after a female was called in as unconscious and CPR was in progress. Harrison QRU medics responded and were able to get the female stabilized enough for Life flight to transport her. 21-14193

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to Rathdrum for a citizen assist. CDAPD had probable case for the arrest of a male for attempted strangulation. Deputies placed the male in custody and transported him to PSB for CDAPD. 21-14216

• A Deputy responded to the Casino for a drugs complaint. Security advised they located a found purse and upon looking for identification in the purse they located methamphetamine and paraphernalia. The female attempted to retrieve her purse from lost and found until she realized her illegal narcotics were located. The female ran out of the Casino toward the golf course and couldn’t be located. The Deputy was able to identify the female from the ID that was left in the purse. Deputy completed a crime report. 21-14215

• Deputies responded to the Hayden Maverik for a domestic dispute. An R/P reported a male and female fighting inside a vehicle in the parking lot. The R/P stated the female was attempting to get away from the male in the parking lot. Deputies arrived on scene and identified the female, but prior to deputies’ arrival, the male left the area on foot. Deputies completed a crime report. 21-14210

• Deputies responded to an overdose. A juvenile RP stated her 16 year old juvenile sister drank concentrated bleach and was acting “tired and dizzy”. The Deputy made contact with the juvenile’s mother who was asleep inside. Deputies completed an incident report and the juvenile was taken to KH for treatment.

• A Deputy responded to N. 3rd Street for a runaway juvenile. The Deputy later located the juvenile male in Athol and returned him to his residence. 21-14206

• Deputies responded to a domestic dispute. While en-route deputies learned a male was at gunpoint inside the residence. Upon arrival, Deputies contacted the male and female. The couple were going through a separation and began arguing over assets and finances and their teenage son became upset. There wasn’t any evidence or statements regarding any weapons. 21-14201