Sunday, April 11, 2021

IFF: Worm in the apple

| April 7, 2021 1:00 AM

Idaho has intelligent legislators and voters.

Then why so many dysfunctional bills?

The worm poisoning our legislative apple is the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) funded by dark money from right-wing corporate extremist groups like State Policy Network, ALEC, Koch Foundation, and “Franklin Center.” Their “bill mills” write legislation and instruct our elected officials to promote their extremist agenda.

Why does this matter? These corporate billionaires don’t share Idaho values or care about us. They use disinformation and scare tactics to mask the intent of bills that increase their profits and reduce their taxes. They want to privatize everything and divide voters, so the IFF attacks issues like public education, social justice and Medicaid, and uses language to get us to hate and fear our neighbors.

IFF cozies up to officials from Risch to commissioners and mayors. Although it claims nonprofit status, the IFF lobbies (if it walks like a duck?), promotes corporate bills, and uses an index to “persuade” legislators to vote “right.”

Requiring legislators and IFF to disclose their financial interests would make this issue more transparent.