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NONPARTISAN: A moot point

| September 20, 2020 1:00 AM

I’m both sorry and concerned that Paul Sturm and Joe Dunlap, both candidates for the nonpartisan NIC Trustee Board, are upset by the Kootenai County Republican Committee’s questionnaire. They claim it’s offensive to question their political leanings when they are candidates for a nonpartisan position.

Sturm and Dunlap summarized, “While we hold political and philosophical viewpoints with which you may agree or not, we have successful experience leaving those perspectives out of our advocacy for the institution to which we have pledged responsibility.” That statement sounds great if you are a perfect person and Jesus is the only perfect person to ever walk on this Earth. Anyone who claims bias and prejudice doesn’t affect their judgment is either fooling themselves or lying.

We conservative voters need to know which candidates honor our values and the only way to determine that is via the press or political questionnaires. We have far too many progressive liberals in non-political positions of power that affect our daily lives. We voters need to know as much information as possible to make informed choices. If Paul or Joe are offended by these questions, I wonder what they have to hide.


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