Saturday, September 19, 2020

NIC: Attempted partisan takeover

| September 16, 2020 1:00 AM

It has been my incredible privilege to serve on the North Idaho College Board of Trustees for the past 16 years. The college has served our community honorably for 87 years without the deliberate insertion of partisan politics.

In the last decade, the college has grown and thrived with new areas of study that have led to higher paying jobs. Our long tenure of truly talented college presidents, highly educated faculty and staff has set NIC up to be the No. 1 resource for students seeking career level jobs. I am honored to endorse two individuals for NIC Trustee.

Former NIC President, Spokane Community College President, and current Board Chair Dr. Joe Dunlap is a 20-year Army Veteran aviation officer. His sense of duty to country has carried over to his sense of duty to students.

Dr. Paul Sturm retired after 34 years as a teacher, high school principal, assistant superintendent, and 10 years as the Superintendent of the Pullman School District. Paul is an active volunteer in his home community of Spirit Lake.

My friends, this is a very important election. We cannot be caught up in partisan wrangling and continue to serve appropriately. The local Republican Central Committee has recently adopted a resolution inserting themselves into non-partisan elections. Three precinct committeemen have declared as candidates for NIC. This indicates a clear agenda for control of a local educational board. Trustees are non-partisan for the good reason of serving all taxpayers instead of party politics.

Please cast your votes for Joe Dunlap and Paul Sturm and keep NIC on our long record of success.


Coeur d’Alene