Saturday, September 19, 2020

Sheriff's Blotter

| September 15, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to E. Calloway Ln in Hayden for a cardiac call which resulted in the unattended death of a 76 YOM. Nothing suspicious located on scene. 20-39454

• Deputies responded to assist ISP and medical personnel on I-90 at MP 10 EB for a head-on (wrong way driver) crash. Three vehicles were involved and extrication was needed for all of them. KCSO units assisted in shutting down the interstate and redirecting traffic for a few hours.

• While completing follow up for the KCSO Special Investigations Unit, Detectives located the robbery vehicle from Atlas X Highway 53. It was occupied by the suspect who had robbed two juveniles with a firearm on 09/04/2020. Detectives began following the vehicle which began to drive recklessly WB Seltice Way and he observed a marijuana joint thrown out of the vehicle. The male suspect began flipping off Detectives and almost caused a collision. Upon emergency lights being activated the suspect pulled into the dirt lot west of Seltice X Huetter and began to spin donuts. He eventually stopped as other units arrived in the area. The suspect and a juvenile female were detained without incident. Inside the vehicle was marijuana, an airsoft handgun, and one of the stolen items from the robbery was located. The suspect was booked into KCPSB. The female was released to her parents. 20-38517.

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• After receiving information from Detectives regarding a male having an active warrant, a Deputy recalled seeing the male in an apartment complex in Hayden. Several Deputies responded to the location and found his vehicle in the parking lot. They contacted someone at the apartment and who confirmed the male was inside. He was arrested on the warrant.

• Deputies responded to Calloway Lane for a suspicious. The RP had left for the store and left her front door unlocked and laundry room window closed. When she returned the front door was locked, and the window was now open. Deputies arrived and searched the residence. Nothing was found to be out of place or out of the ordinary. 20-39571

• A Patrol Sergeant responded to an address on English Point Road for a suspicious. It was reported that an unknown person was banging on the RP's back slider door and windows. On arrival no one was on the property and the residence was secured. Per the RP, an unknown white vehicle drove in her driveway. The passenger exited the vehicle and immediately went to the back of the residence and began banging on the windows, then left. The RP expressed concern that she lives alone with her two young children and have been remodeling the house, meaning multiple contractors have been coming and going from the residence and know what is valuable there. The area was checked and nothing could be found. FI completed. 20-39576

• A Deputy responded to W. Prairie Avenue for an outside fire. The fire was quickly contained and put out. It was reported by multiple witnesses that a flare was seen being shot into the field, causing the fire. It was learned that a neighbor, had shot a tracer round out of his shotgun, which landed and accidentally caught the section of grass on fire. The neighbor contacted the property owner and they worked it out. 20-39581

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to the area of Lancaster Rd. and Huetter Rd. for a property damage accident. Upon arrival, contact was made with two juveniles from unit #2 who said they were traveling E/B on Huetter Rd. when Unit #1 ran the stop sign from N/B Huetter and T-boned them. When they went to contact the occupants of Unit #1, they took off running. Deputies searched the area and ultimately located a juvenile female who was highly intoxicated. The male was observed running through the fields, but refused orders to stop. The female was initially uncooperative and refused to identify the other occupant. After searching for the other occupant for approximately an hour, the search was terminated. The female eventually identified the other occupant but claimed he was driving. The female juvenile was ultimately transported home and cited for MIP alcohol. Several hours later, A Patrol Sergeant was conducting routine patrol in the area of Hayden Ave. and Huetter Rd. and contacted a juvenile hitchhiking. The male was identified as the second occupant. He was interviewed and admitted he was in the vehicle and ran because he was scared. He was adamant he was not the driver, but identified the female as the driver. Based on the position of the driver’s seat, the male’s height would make it highly unlikely he was driving when the crash occurred. He was arrested for obstructing and cited for MIP alcohol. A petition will be submitted on the female for DUI, leaving the scene of a crash and obstructing. 20-39600

• Deputies responded to W. Conkling Rd. for a verbal domestic/suicide threat. Upon arrival, contact was made with a female who advised her husband and her were in an argument and he threatened to harm himself. Contact was made with the male who advised he got into an argument with his wife and admitted he threatened to harm himself. The male advised he has no intention to do so, he just said it to get a reaction from his wife. 20-39604

• A Deputy responded to the area of I-90 MP 10 for a reported wrong way driver (W/B in the E/B lanes). The vehicle was located in the E/B Huetter rest stop. Contact was made with the driver, who exhibited the symptoms of intoxication and failed SFSTs. The male refused to provide a breath sample and was arrested for DUI. 20-39610

• Deputies responded to the casino for a report of a male who hit a machine and broke it and was currently fighting with security. Contact was made with the male who was intoxicated. He had struck a machine and broke the glass screen. When confronted by security, he began to fight them. He was cited and released for malicious injury to property and two counts of battery. 20-39614

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy responded to N. Lyvel Ln. in Bayview for the unattended death an elderly female. Nothing suspicious noted. 20-39640

• A Deputy responded to the area of Rimrock and Garwood for a vehicle stolen by a patient/student of Innercept. While units were heading to the area, Deputies did some research and found out the suspect stole a vehicle from Innercept about a week ago. As the description of the vehicle was aired, a Patrol Sergeant observed it driving south on Highway 95 near KH. A traffic stop was initiated and a pursuit began. The pursuit reached speeds of 80 MPH and traveled down to Blackwell Island where the male gave up after seeing another Deputy pulled off to the side of the road. The male was arrested for felony eluding and vehicle theft. 20-39690

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy took a report of an assault at S Hemlock Street. The R/P called to report that his neighbor had threatened to shoot his dog. He claimed that the neighbor pulled a gun out, pointed it at his dog, then followed the dog as it walked past the R/P. The R/P claimed that neighbor inadvertently pointed the gun at him, while following the dog with the muzzle. A report was taken. 20-39704

• A Deputy responded to Walmart for a detained shoplifter. By the time he arrived, loss prevention had let the suspect go and handled the situation civilly. 20-39708

• A Deputy and his K-9 partner responded to Hwy 53 and Cloverleaf to assist ISP. They conducted a sniff of the vehicle, yielding in the location of drugs. ISP made two arrests.

• Deputies responded to the Fantasy Loop for a citizen dispute. A female called to report that her husband was highly intoxicated and out of control, throwing items. Units arrived and saw the male acting aggressively, causing him to be detained. It was learned that the two were moving off the property and male wanted to leave immediately, despite being intoxicated and most of the items not being packed up. No crime occurred and everyone was calm when Deputies left. Later during the shift the wife called in a DUI on her husband as he left the property intoxicated. Units were unable to locate him. An FI was completed. 20-39731

• A Deputy was on routine patrol in Stateline when he attempted to stop a motorcycle. The motorcycle immediately fled through the trailer park by Nashville North. The motorcycle hit a deck and some rocks causing the driver to crash. The driver immediately got back on his bike and fled into Washington. The Deputy decided to not pursue him. Spokane County was advised. 20-39748

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy stopped a vehicle at Seltice and Beck. He contacted the driver who exhibited the symptoms of intoxication. She failed SFST's and provided breath samples of .191/.201. She was charged for DUI. 20-39752

• A Deputy stopped a vehicle at Seltice Way and Beck Rd. He contacted the driver who exhibited the symptoms of intoxication. She failed SFST's and provided breath samples of .115/.109. She was charged for DUI. 20-39754

• A Deputy stopped a vehicle at Seltice Way and Beck Rd. The driver exhibited the symptoms of intoxication. When questioned by Deputies on how much he had to drink, he refused to answer and said "we're done talking". After several attempts to get the male to comply with the evaluations and receiving no cooperation, he was arrested for DUI. He also refused to provide a breath sample. 20-39756

• Deputies responded to the area of the Spokane River at the Highway 95 Bridge for a report of a boat possibly crashing into one of the cement pillars. The reporting party did not have a good visual and believed the occupants of the boat were intoxicated. Deputies searched the area of the bridge while other Deputies launched a boat to search the water. They searched both sides of the river to the Mill and back with no evidence of any crash occurring. 20-39759

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to a burglary call at Toad Ct. The homeowner returned and believed the burglary had occurred within the last hours. She also reported seeing a suspicious female walking in the area. A K-9 Deputy responded to the area and attempted a track with his partner without success. The suspect left a piece of chewed gum on the counter. She also ate some cobbler in the kitchen and left the used spoon in the sink. Evidence with fingerprints and DNA collected.

• Deputies took a battery report at the Casino. A female stated she was battered at the Casino by another female that she does not get along with. The victim did not stay on scene for Deputies to take photographs or collect a statement in person, probably due to her active warrant.

• Deputies responded to Vernon J Baker Blvd. for a burglary. Unknown offender cut through the gate and stole a truck with a trailer hauling a Suzuki Samurai. All three vehicles were entered into NCIC.

• Deputies responded to Fairway Dr. for a welfare check. 911 was called from the residence and there was yelling heard on the other end but no response. It turns out a 2 year old got a hold of the phone. There was a family day at the house and an argument, but nothing criminal.

• Deputies assisted in locating a cow wandering in the road near Wyoming and Huetter, she returned the cow to home. Cow was warned for a "mooing" violation.

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy stopped a male on Seltice Way X Plesant View for a head light out. During his investigation and search he located methamphetamine, marijuana and paraphernalia. The male was arrested of possession of controlled substance and cited for paraphernalia and possession of marijuana 20-39833

• Deputies responded to Seasons Road and Wier Road for a hit and run which occurred on Diagnol X Brunner. Upon his arrival he learned the R/P and his family were stopped at the RXR on Brunner. Once the train passed the vehicle behind them collided into the back of them. The vehicle went around them and left in a hurry. The R/P was unable to get a plate but provided a description of the vehicle. Deputies checked the area and completed a report. 20-39812

• Deputies responded to Flicker Ln regarding a supplemental report to the earlier residential burglary on Toad Ct. The R/P recognized on “Next Door App” a female and the stolen property. While en route Deputies learned the female just left the other residence but left the stolen property there. While en route Deputies located the female walking down the road. After completing their investigation, the female was arrested for burglary, grand theft and possession of controlled substance. The stolen property was secured and most of it was returned to the owner. 20-39783

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to N. Heidi court and arrested a female on her felony warrant. 20-39841

• Deputies stopped a vehicle on Highway 95 x Boekel. After a smelling marijuana, a search was completed and meth was located packaged for delivery. The driver admitted to selling meth so he was arrested for PWI – Meth. 20-39844