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NIC: Support Barnes, McKenzie

| October 28, 2020 1:00 AM

Experience matters when it comes to the NIC board. Citizens are faced with a clear choice in this year’s election for trustee.

There are two candidates who have grown up with, been enmeshed in and lived the educational industrial complex their entire careers. Joe Dunlap and Paul Sturm. Both refer to themselves as doctors, and have long pedigrees of education. They claim to be the right candidates for the job. The job of overseeing the local community college that is funded by local taxpayer dollars.

But doesn’t all that experience and education seem more fitting for staff positions within the college rather than on its board overseeing it? Shouldn’t we be letting the educators educate and the citizens oversee? Is it important to have trustees overseeing our college that are not caught up serving the politics and dysfunction of the educational industrial complex?

That is why it is important to vote for Greg McKenzie and Michael Barnes for NIC trustee. Two citizens to oversee the educators, to keep them on track serving the taxpayers and the community.



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