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VEHICLE FEE: Here’s the solution

| October 21, 2020 1:00 AM

After reading the editorial of Oct. 18 “Yes to vehicle fee proposal,” please refer to a paragraph at the bottom that reads, “We agree that an alternative that would raise money from non-residents who drive here would be ideal, but no such option has presented itself.”

I believe that this option clearly HAS presented itself by many citizens who agree that this problem be solved by the people who are moving here.

Bryan Bledsoe’s article “Ease the congestion” thinks this problem should be solved by voting yes on the proposed $50 increase over a 20-year period. We all know that this 20-year period may very well be more permanent than that. Bryan goes on to state he is aware of all the new construction, homes and apartments going up.

Here is the solution right in front of us. Vote NO on this proposition. Vote YES for the alternative The Press has given us…raise the money from non-residents. This option has presented itself. It just needs to be carried through. Our representatives and commissioners should entertain the thought of making growth pay for itself.


Coeur d’Alene

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