Thursday, October 22, 2020

Sheriff's Blotter

| October 15, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to S. Pend Orielle Ave in Harrison for a possible DVA violation. Prior to their arrival Deputies received information from the prosecutor office that the male has been violating his NCO. As deputies arrived in the area they located the male at Pine and Fredrick. He advised he has not been at the house since the NCO was put into place and has not contacted the other party. He said he was staying at his daughter’s residence. He also advised he has been sober and stopped using meth, however his story was not very convincing. The daughter was contacted and confirmed the male’s statement. FI was completed

• A Deputy took a non-injury crash report at Huetter and Poleline.

• Post Falls PD took a call of a recovered stolen trailer at Poleline and Peasant View. Deputies responded and confirmed the trailer was stolen, out of Post Falls. The VIN had been removed. Trailer recovered.

• A Deputy took a runaway report at Seltice Way. A mother reported her 15 year old son as a runaway. There is no idea of location. Report completed, and ATL went out to surrounding agencies.

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to the report of a fight on S Pete Silas Ln. in Worley. As Deputies arrived it was discovered that Tribal PD would be taking primary. Deputies assisted Tribal PD and provided a curtesy transport to a female that was involved.

• A Deputy conducted a traffic stop in the area of Hoyt Rd and Church. The driver of the vehicle showed signs of impairment and a DUI investigation was completed. The driver was arrested for DUI and taken to the PSB where a DRE continued the investigation. He was charged with DUI. 20-44482

• Deputies responded to the south side of the Spokane Street Bridge in Post Falls for the report of a vehicle in the water. It was reported that a person had driven off the bridge and the vehicle was currently in the water. The dive team was paged however on the first deputies arrival, it was learned that the only occupant was out of the vehicle and that the vehicle could be cleared from shore (it was in approximately 4 feet of water and less than 10 feet from shore). A Deputy spoke with the female driver and observed her to be very intoxicated. She was also suicidal and claimed to have driven into the water to try and kill herself. The driver was transported to KH due to her injuries. The Deputy continued his investigation at KH and the driver provided breath samples (BAC of .229 / .205 / .217). Ultimately, she was charged for second excessive DUI in 5 years (felony) and placed on a PC hold due to her suicidal statements and attempt. 20-44493

• Deputies responded to Super1 in Hayden for the report of a window being shot out of a vehicle. Upon arrival, deputies learned that a female was driving north on 95 and heard a loud noise. Her rear drivers’ side window had been broken and she assumed it had been shot. This occurred at approximately 5:19 pm and there was heavy traffic. There were no projectiles found in her vehicle and no other damage was done to her vehicle. A report was completed, however deputies believed the damage was most likely caused by the heavy winds and the debris on the road (as their vehicles were also “pelted” with debris as they responded). 20-44507

• Deputies responded to a theft that occurred at N Government Way. According to dispatch, someone had taken a case of beer without paying for it. Employees followed the female to her residence on Retreat Ln. and upon deputies arrival it was learned that a theft had not occurred and that it was unfounded. 20-44530

• Deputies responded to numerous calls due to the wind storm. The calls ranged from traffic hazards created by fallen trees, to residential alarms, fortunately there was only minor damaged as a result of the storm.

Night Shift handled the following notable calls: • Deputies responded to W. Diagonal for a suicide attempt. An R/P called and said his girlfriend got drunk and took pills in an attempt to kill herself. Once on scene, they determined female did get drunk but took her proper prescription and was saying her "goodbyes" in reference to her and the R/P breaking up and not an attempt to kill herself. Medical transported for a medical evaluation. 20-44562

• Deputies responded to E. 16th Ave in reference to an unwanted. The R/P called in and said there was an intoxicated male on his front porch who wouldn’t leave. A Deputy was in the area when the call was coming out and did not see anyone. They walked property and found that the R/P was creepily sitting in the dark in the house watching the deputies. They are unsure if there was actually a male or not. 20-44566