Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Agree, disagree with Wood's words

| October 14, 2020 1:00 AM

In regards to the My Turn published 10/9/20 by Christie Wood, setting the record straight, I found it somewhat one-sided. I agree totally in regards to local citizens' concerns over NIC and what they want their students to learn, and how to think instead of what to think is a great idea. It's well-known that academia has been responsible for teaching our children and grandchildren liberal leftist views for some time, and the fruit is starting to show itself.

I was glad to hear that NIC was not supporting the Black Lives Matter. We as America and the media have pretty well beat that dog to death. And it takes very little research to show what BLM actually is and it's not about America becoming a better nation. In fact just the opposite. Socialism is not your friend.

Paul Van Noy is an honorable man and wants to see his flock and the human race be and do as good as they possibly can. If he is pro-life and doesn't think Planned Parenthood is good, there are many of us that agree with that. If he doesn't feel that it should be advocated in our schools along with the LGBTQ groups' agenda, there are many of us that agree with Paul.

Now that the left feels it's time to promote, advocate and condone sex education in elementary school, this isn't healthy or normal and if our educators and academia don't feel it's wrong they should stand and tell us why they believe it's good for our children and America.

We now have only one group in America that we can openly call out and discriminate against without fear of being called racists or worse (White Males). Diversity is fine but we don't have to be racists just because we don't buy into the PLANNED PARENTHOOD/LGBTQ CLUB. Neither one represents good American values that most of us old white fat males grew up with, who can be called out as racists for being homophobes or worse yet, pro-lifers.

And I don't believe that I will ever be diverse enough for the new America, at least I hope not. I pray along with many others that come the 3rd of November 2020 America doesn't go to the Dark Side. There are many evil people waiting to take America on a new and terrible journey.

Scott Stephens is a Silver Beach resident.