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Sheriff's Blotter

| November 25, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day!


• Day Shift handled the following notable calls: A Deputy responded to N. Friar Dr. for a family dispute. A father and his adult son were in an argument over remodeling a kitchen. There was no crime. FI completed.

• A Deputy handled a property line dispute over an easement on W. Sunny Slopes Rd. This is an ongoing issue between these neighbors.

• A CSO attempted to locate a vehicle that was reported as being abandoned on the Bunco Bypass near FSR 2707. It was reported as a white Dodge pickup abandoned in the road. The CSO was unable to locate the vehicle and could only go so far due to icy roads.

• A Deputy assisted medical with a call at N. Reservoir Rd. The caller stated he had taken drugs at a party in Spokane on Saturday night and was now having difficulty breathing and was not feeling well. The Deputy stood by while medical attended to the subject.

• A Deputy responded to an address in Dalton Gardens for a trespassing call. A homeowner stated there was a man banging on his front door yelling about the homeowner’s flag. The homeowner was able to get a license plate of the male that was at his door. The Deputy contacted the vehicle owner who advised he had just returned from deployment and saw the flag as disrespectful. He admitted his emotions got the better of him. Warning given.

• A Patrol Sergeant located a vehicle that had been aired as an ATL, driving erratically in the area of Hwy 41 and Prairie. He stopped the vehicle at Hayden and Huetter. After completing an investigation the driver was arrested for DUI drugs. He refused to cooperate with a DRE investigation. He was also charged with no insurance, 5th offense.

• Evening Shift handled the following notable calls: Deputies responded to Alder Creek Rd. for a fish and game call (Poaching). A subject was reported to have shot a deer on the property of the R/P. A Fish and game officer arrived and issued the suspect a citation for Idaho code 36-1603. Deputies assisted Fish and Game with their investigation.20-50394

• Deputies responded to the area of Fairmont Loop in regards to a crash. According to witnesses, a vehicle had crashed into a residence located on Fairmont Loop. Upon arrival it was learned that a 16YOA male had been driving recklessly and at a high rate of speed. The juvenile claimed a moose (possibly 2) had stepped out in front of him causing him to swerve and lose control. The juvenile claimed to be driving 25MPH at first, however when presented with the evidence on scene he and his passenger agreed they had been traveling a lot faster. The juvenile was cited with reckless driving and released to his parents. 20-50410

• A Deputy responded to E. Pearl Ave in regards to a juvenile problem. According to dispatch, the R/P was reporting that her 14 YOA son had attempted to choke her. Upon deputies arrival they learned that R/P’s son had grabbed her forehead and neck due to having his electronics being taken away. She reported a plethora of issues involving her son to include him attempting to drive the car off the road while she was driving and getting onto the “dark web.” Based on the battery that occurred, The Deputy arrested the juvenile. 20-50413

• Deputies responded to W. Mogul Lp. in regards to a family dispute. Deputies contacted a 20 year old male and learned that his mother had smacked him across the face while they were arguing about homework. The son did not want to pursue charges at this time. 20-50417

• Deputies observed a suspicious vehicle parked on the roadway on Maplewood near Huetter. Deputies observed a male driver passed out in the running vehicle. Upon contact the male became startled and attempted to put the vehicle into gear. The male driver exhibited signs of being intoxicated. SFST’s were conducted and he was charged for DUI (.146 / .135). Marijuana and paraphernalia was located in the vehicle, and he was cited and released for those charges. 20-50424

• Night Shift handled the following notable calls: Deputies responded to a stolen vehicle travelling west bound I90 from MP 35. The suspect in the stolen vehicle was also a suspect in an aggravated assault in Arizona. Deputies located the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop near the Sherman exit. A pursuit ensued and the suspect vehicle as successfully spiked by PFPD at MP 5. Deputies completed a PIT maneuver on the suspect, however he was able to continue fleeing after the PIT. Deputies pursued the vehicle onto Riverbend and then south Elm where the suspect drove onto private property. The male suspect ran on foot from the vehicle down an embankment and towards the river. Deputies ultimately apprehended the male who was arrested for Possession of stolen vehicle, felony eluding and felony malicious injury to property. A female in the vehicle was identified and charged via complaint for small amount of marijuana and paraphernalia. 20-50451