Friday, January 15, 2021

ELECTION: Just the facts, please

| November 25, 2020 1:00 AM

I read in your paper the AP story that declared Trump was declaring victory “in a race he actually lost.”

I’m going to say this quietly and slowly, U.S. presidents are not created by a media announcement. Biden has not won. Trump has not lost. In the interests of a fair, legal election process we must wait for a certified election outcome.

There is a great deal of sworn testimony and other proof that this election was tampered with in a huge way. The other indication is that in six contested states, the vote was stopped cold with Trump strongly in the lead, especially Pennsylvania, where crooked political processes are state of the art. If you understand statistical reality, you know that what is to come out in court will be very upsetting to Biden supporters.

As a service to your publication, your community and respect for the law, I would ask you to withhold information that is patently false — even if the AP provides it. I am confident in my assertion that a false flag of victory for Biden will result in almost unbridled violence when that toy is taken from childlike, intellectually stunted socialists.

The fires set will be forestalled with good old fashioned American resolve. Let’s work together to stop that conflict from coming to our streets.


Post Falls