Friday, November 27, 2020

Proud salute to Pappy Boyington Detachment

| November 11, 2020 1:00 AM

On this day of honoring all veterans, The Press would like to particularly acknowledge the few, the proud — our beloved Marines.

In particular, we applaud the Marine Corps League — Pappy Boyington Detachment No. 966, an indispensable unit furthering so many good causes in our community.

The Pappy Boyington team, you might recall, targeted darn near every medical operation in the area and delivered piles of pizza when COVID-19 first slammed the community. The pepperoni-packing platoon put smiles on the faces of stressed health care workers who really needed a little love at the time.

The detachment, as you already know, does an incredible job every year getting thousands of toys into local kids’ hands at Christmas time through the Toys for Tots program. They do it with broad support from the community, devoting untold hours to ensure there’s something under the tree for our area’s most needy families.

In our view, the Marine Corps League — Pappy Boyington Detachment No. 966 is living proof that having already served their nation by risking their lives wasn’t enough. They continue to serve, in many magnificent ways, most of which go unpublicized but certainly not unappreciated.

Men and women of the detachment — thank you for your service, then and now. Sorry COVID-19 scuttled your much-anticipated birthday ball, but here’s hoping next year you can more than make up for it.

Speaking of birthdays, hats off to the United States Marines. Here’s a message from the Marine Corps League National Headquarters, with our humble wish that more Marines will join the local detachment:

In the coming few days, Marines from across this globe will unite to celebrate the 245th birthday of our beloved Marine Corps. That celebration joins a simple bond we share — as Marines! Numerous Marine Corps League detachments will commemorate our illustrious Marine Corps birthday and by doing so, will enhance that camaraderie — that bond of brotherhood and sisterhood. The celebration of our Marine Corps birthday is a great opportunity to reach out and connect with Marines across our communities and regions! Inform them of the great things the Marine Corps League does for our fellow Marines, for our members, for our communities and other veterans organizations. Take these opportunities of embracing renewed motivation and esprit de corps to invite these prospective members to come aboard the Marine Corps League! Continue the camaraderie, the brotherhood and sisterhood beyond this one night of celebration! Semper Fidelis!