TRUMP: Who do you believe?

March 25, 2020 1:00 AM

I’m a believer in carefully processing info regardless of its source. When I need health info I have my own microbiologist (my wife) but we often have a discussion after she provides the info. She also happens to have an unbelievable memory of her training and experience (confirmed repeatedly during our 30 years together).

She is usually in consonance with the experts, often ahead of them. Given a choice between Donald Trump or my wife and other healthcare experts guess who I’ll believe.

I’m writing this the morning after Mr. Trump suggested he might back off of the measures we have taken against COVID-19, because “the cure might be worse than the disease.”

His inconsistency, lack of faith in educated scientists and his focus on himself will lead us down a path of destruction. He is neither “stable” nor a “genius.” Many of his actions, comments and behaviors illustrate that.

If you think I’m wrong tell me why. Let’s use our heads and not let him do that. I’m not referring to the November election. I’m not referring to impeachment. I’m suggesting that we, the citizens, choose our path and not allow ourselves to be dragged down his path, and do it NOW!


Coeur d’Alene