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Sheriff’s Blotter

| June 30, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy responded to assist medical at Windy Bay Rd. and Cave Bay Rd. regarding a male who had cut himself with a chainsaw. When the Deputy arrived, he learned a citizen came upon the victim and put a makeshift tourniquet on his leg as it was bleeding heavily. The Deputy then added a CAT tourniquet which ultimately helped stop the bleeding. The male was transported to the hospital via ambulance to be treated for his wounds. 20-24547

• Deputies responded to the Lutherhaven area for a reported boat accident with the boat being capsized and taking on water. The dive team was also paged out. Upon arrival, it was learned a sailboat had capsized and the two aboard were wearing life jackets and were not injured. 20-24559

• Deputies responded to N Ramsey Rd. for an unattended death. It was determined her death was from natural causes. 20-24563

• A Deputy took a cold theft report from N. Samhill Trl. regarding stolen gun parts. 20-24569

• Deputies responded to Riverview Dr and Bel Air Rd. for a reported assault with a knife. A suspect had drove up near the victim, who was trying to load a barge. The suspect yelled and cussed at the other male and told him he better leave. The suspect then exited his truck and ran towards the victim holding a knife. The victim, in self-defense, drew a handgun he had on his person and the suspect with the knife stopped and returned to his vehicle. The suspect with the knife was contacted a short time later and arrested for aggravated assault. 20-24588

• Deputies made contact with a female on Hudson Bay Rd., who was reportedly acting crazy, yelling and wearing odd (winter) clothing. The female is a transient and has been in the area for a little while. It appears she is suffering from mental issues and was given a courtesy transport to Athol. 20-24622

• CSO took a recent residential burglary report from W. H St in Worley. where an unknown subject entered the home and stole cash. 20-24633

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies assisted Civil in an eviction at N. 12th St. where the occupants would not make contact at the door or come out. After several Patrol Deputies arrived and announcements were made, 3 adults and 2 children exited the residence. The eviction was completed without further incident.

• Deputies responded to a possible domestic dispute at Kimberly Ln. in Post Falls. Upon arrival, it was learned that there was no domestic dispute, no items were thrown or damaged, and the girlfriend of 20 years was wanting to leave the relationship. This is not the first time at the residence and future problems may arise as the girlfriend’s adult daughter still lives there and has been told to leave several times.

• A report of a possible drowning at Corbin Park was aired where a female was unable to swim in the heavy current after sinking her kayak. Dive Team was paged. After initial Deputies arrived, the female was located safe, but exhausted on shore. Deputies confirmed with family and friends on scene that everyone was out of the water.

• Approximately 10 minutes later, a second call for a missing swimmer was aired. After further checking, the female victim of the earlier call could not locate her husband. He was last seen entering the water in an attempt to rescue her and their toddler. Patrol, Marine, the Dive Team, and KCFR responded. The male was located unresponsive and brought to shore for medical attention. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Detectives were advised and the Coroner was notified. Press release completed.

• A Deputy conducted a traffic stop in the area of Seltice X Baugh Way and contacted a male driver. The driver was wanted on a warrant for drugs. He was subsequently arrested for the warrant. Additional drugs were located in the vehicle and new charges were added including meth, heroin, and para.

• With the arrival of fireworks season, as well as good weather, the shift remained busy throughout the shift with calls for service and other patrol activities.

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy was at PSB taking care of paperwork from the night before when he was advised by jail staff that an inmate that had stolen ten dollars from the bond revocation folder during his booking process. The money was located during his search and the jail deputies found in reviewing surveillance footage that he had taken the money while they had their back turned to him. The male was charged for petit theft. 20-24727

• A Deputy responded to N Ash St after it was reported that two people were inside a vehicle in the driveway having sex and listening to music loudly. On scene he located a male and female engaged in the inappropriate behavior. He had a long conversation with them regarding where that type of interaction is appropriate as well as warned them for the loud music. 20-24729

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Traffic Deputy handled a hit and run report from W. Riverview Dr. where a Washington plated Chevy truck had gone off the road and struck a fence and mailbox. A witness mentioned the male driver was covered in blood. There were several other calls regarding this vehicle as reckless driving and possibly DUI throughout Post Falls and Coeur d’Alene. There was another call from the Huetter area of this vehicle being involved in some sort of physical fight. Post Falls PD located the vehicle driving recklessly on I-90 at MP3. They stopped the vehicle at MP2. The driver and his passenger were both covered in blood and uncooperative. The passenger was transported to KH for treatment for his injuries and driver was arrested for DUI by PFPD. He was cited and released for leaving the scene of a crash. 20-24762/20-24761/20-24760

• Deputes handled a hit and run crash at Prairie Ave and Highway 95. 20-24772

• Deputies responded to Walmart for a reported Assault. Contact was made with a male who claimed he never threatened the other party and only yelled at him a lot. The other party was contacted who advised the male suspect had threatened to “beat his ass” and approached his vehicle in an aggressive manner. The male suspect was charged for assault. 20-24778

• A Deputy checked on an unoccupied vehicle near Cherokee Rd. and Waller Rd. He decided to check the area to see if he could locate anyone. The Deputy discovered a tent nearby and heard a female moaning inside. He made contact with her and learned she was likely running a high fever, bleeding considerably and had miscarried a baby. Medical was called to respond code three due to the female’s dire situation. EMS arrived and transported the female to the hospital. It is highly likely Deputy helped save this female’s life. 20-24802

• A Deputy took a vehicle theft report from the Tribal Conoco. 20-24803

• Deputies responded to the Athol Elementary for a reported domestic. Contact was made with the parties, but no crime could be established. An FI was completed. 20-24810

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• While debriefing yesterday’s drowning, a call for almost the same thing came out a Corbin Park. A male with his grandchildren. While going through the rapids just below the dam, their kayak overturned. The children made it safely to shore due to having life jackets on. The adult was not wearing one and was not seen again. KCSO Dive Team and KCSO Marine Division responded for a rescue. After approximately 4 hrs. of searching, the male was not located. The recovery will continue in the morning. Press release sent.

Deputies responded to the Athol City area for a report of a suicidal female. The only information was a female called to report that she was feeling like she wanted to hurt herself and that she needed help. There was no other information or name provided. After the area was checked and other leads exhausted, the area was cleared UTL.

Night Shift responded to the following notable calls:

• A Deputy stopped a vehicle at Prairie and Greens ferry. He found sings of intoxication on the driver, and after failing SFST’s, the driver was arrested for DUI and injury to child. .123/.124 20-24893

• A Deputy responded to PFPD to contact the victim of a battery. It was reported that an adult male had battered his 16 year old step-son after feeding him alcohol to the point of intoxication. The victim sustained minor injuries to his lip and nose after the step-dad punched him in the face for vomiting on the floor. The step-father disputed each allegation and claimed that the victim stole the alcohol. He was ultimately cited and released for injury to child. 20-24912

• In response to the above listed battery call, a Deputy was waiting outside the residence to make sure the suspect in the battery didn’t attempt to flee while the Deputy from above contacted the juvenile victim at the PFPD. She watched as he got into the driver’s seat of his vehicle and leave the residence. She conducted a traffic stop on him and found obvious signs of intoxication. He refused to complete any SFST’s or provide any evidentiary testing, and was arrested for Felony DUI refusal. The step-father’s probation officer was contacted and responded to the scene where she obtained a BrAC samples of .143/.145. She issued an agents warrant and had the male arrested for a probation violation. 20-24914/20-24920

• Several Deputy responded Spirit Lake after a call was aired that a vehicle was set on fire and the suspect in the fire had shot a firearm several times. There were several updates stating their were now two suspects who were seen intoxicated at various locations in the city, possibly armed, fighting, or crashing additional vehicles. Once in the area a Deputy located a possible suspect vehicle leaving the city. He contacted the driver who gave an account of being kidnapped by two teenagers claiming to be armed. They threatened to shoot him if he did not provide them a ride away from the scene of the burning car. He then drove them to a gas station in Spirit Lake where they were last seen. It was determined this occurred at a well know party spot just inside Bonner County at the north end of 10th Avenue. Bonner County Sheriff’s Office was called to the scene to take over the investigation, while the other units continued to patrol the Spirit Lake area to locate the suspects. A Patrol Sergeant located one of the suspects. The male ran and a foot pursuit ensued through several residential properties and a densely wooded area. The male was captured and detained. A short time later, SLPD units located the second suspect, who also fled on a stolen bicycle. This suspect was also captured after a short foot pursuit. At the conclusion of the incident, no firearm could be located despite multiple reports of them being armed. It was also determined that this was the result of a large juvenile party that occurred just inside Bonner County. One of the males apparently got his vehicle stuck and instead of getting it out he chose to abandon it and set it ablaze. That investigation was passed onto Bonner County Sheriff’s Office and Spirit Lake PD arrested the males on various charges. 20-24932

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• The Dive Team recovered the victim from yesterday’s Drowning call at Corbin Park.

• Deputies responded to Ogara Rd. about a 1/4 mile off of Hwy 97 for a Motorcycle Crash with property damage. On scene they contacted the operator who was not injured. #20-24969

• Deputies along responded to the Bayview area N. Corbin St. for a reported trespassing involving an intoxicated female. The female has some mental health issues and was semi-cooperative as well as intoxicated. Deputies trespassed the female at the request of the property owner and completed an FI. #20-24934

• Back County Deputies along with Forest Service LE responded to the Fernan Saddle in reference to a Suspicious-Possible Missing Male Subject. At this time, there is no further information while they are in the process of investigating. #20-24989

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Units responded to Highway 3 x Bull Run for a DUI/Collision. Upon arrival, units contacted a female who was intoxicated, collided into a tree, and wanted to harm herself. The female was cited for DUI and taken to KH for treatment. 20-25035.

• Units responded to Highway 41 x Poleline for a reported dementia patient driving dangerously through Post Falls, along Seltice, and into Coeur D’ Alene. Units conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and took him into protective custody due to hazardous behavior with the public and dementia dynamics. 20-25044.

• Units responded to a disturbance at Honeysuckle Beach involving an airsoft gun. 4 juveniles advised that a male had fired the airsoft gun at a group of juveniles when one of them flipped the male off. No juveniles were struck with the airsoft. Through some in house research regarding the suspect’s description, units were able to identify the male. The male is listed as a transient and units were not able to locate him during the shift. A report was completed requesting a warrant for Assault charges. 20-25006.

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• The shift handled several unfounded alarm calls, but nothing further to note.