Monday, July 06, 2020

Warryn Lee Hanson

| June 27, 2020 1:19 AM

Warryn Lee Hanson, adored husband, father, grandfather, and teacher, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 67 on June 23, 2020. Warryn was born to Walter and Hilda (Burkhardt) Hanson on Aug. 9, 1952, in Denver, Colo. Born after his older brother Kenn and before his youngest brother Dennis, from birth until death Warryn’s life was filled by family he loved beyond comprehension.

A teacher for more than 40 years, Warryn purposefully worked at schools with students who needed a figure beyond simply a teacher. From the beginning of his early days teaching in Colorado while living in a home (literally) with plants growing out of the bathtub, his unwavering passion for education and mentoring students of all backgrounds gave hope and promise to more children than can be measured.

Professionally, the only rival to his teaching career was his enthusiasm for the outdoors. Serving as a park ranger for years in several different areas, he was able to blend his love of education and the wilderness as one of the original staff of the Outdoor Learning Center in Spokane Valley. After a successful launch of the Outdoor Learning Center, Warryn went back to teaching elementary education until his retirement from Ness Elementary in Spokane Valley.

Married on Nov. 27, 1976, to his love Sharon Hanson, their family became whole with the birth of their two children, Amber (1982) and Graham (1985). A man born to be a parent, Warryn’s capacity to use his time only in servitude of fatherhood will remain his greatest legacy. From late night basketball sessions, countless nights by the side of his ailing daughter, and simply being there for any problem large or small for those he loved made him the epitome of the phrase “Family Man.”

From his worst days to his best, he was always ready to share love and laughter with anyone lucky enough to be in his life. Beyond being an exceptional dad and devoted husband, the ripples of his selfless love reverberated to his two grandchildren. Even as babies, the light that shone from his granddaughters’ smiles when he entered the room was indicative of a connection only a man like Warryn could have with them … pure love and joy.

If Warryn is remembered for one thing, perhaps the most fitting thing would be the smile he could elicit from his youngest granddaughter when she heard the sound of his Chuck Taylors walking to the door.

Warryn is preceded in death by his parents, Walter Hanson and Hilda Hanson. He is survived by his wife of 44 years, Sharon, his older brother Kenn (wife Jamie) and younger brother Dennis (wife Barrie), his two kids Amber and Graham (wife Kristi), and his two granddaughters Sienna (5) and Camryn (4).

A man of great faith, a celebration of life will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday, July 1, at Real Life Ministries in Post Falls, Idaho.