Friday, July 03, 2020

VOTE: For American values

| June 26, 2020 1:00 AM

One of the reasons we moved here 20 years ago was to be around more like-minded citizens embracing conservative political values, more than socialist views like many other nearby states do. As a boy, I grew up in the ’50s, where religious and family values had a stronger standing in American society than now. Families were stronger, religious attendance was far greater than now. People weren’t as consumed with materialism worship or controlling as society is now with materialism than in the mid-’60s when I was a teen growing up in the hippie era.

Did society vastly start to change toward forms of socialist controls? Many people in America now are blinded by the appeals of living under socialist controls and manipulations of people and governments. President Kennedy was a lifelong supporter of the Second Amendment and a lifelong member of the NRA. If he was alive now he would be appalled to see what his party has become — so socialist controlled.

Now, look up dictionary descriptions of Socialism and Communism. Not many differences. In November, we have a very important election; stay a free capitalist society or turn to a socialist-communist-want-to-be society where it may be required to say a type of sieg-heil. It’s one’s choice. Vote freedom or socialist manipulations and controls. Vote smart.