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GUN d’ALENE: Reason to celebrate

| June 5, 2020 1:00 AM

Monday night’s “Gun d’Alene” was AMAZING! Thousands of citizens, the majority of them armed, turned out at the mere suggestion that Antifa anarchist thugs and/or Proud Boys radicals may be coming to cause trouble.

You want to cause trouble in our town? Not just “No” but “Hell No!” You are welcome to come. You are welcome to peacefully protest. But do anything stupid and it won’t last 10 seconds.

Many shopkeepers on Sherman stood guard in front of their businesses. Their faces were not expressing fear and apprehension but rather smiles and gratitude. Warm “Hellos” and “Thank yous” were abundant. One immigrant minority restaurant owner was cheerfully passing out bottles of water to any who wanted one.

Armed citizens are the solution to the anarchy sweeping our cities. Armed citizens, NOT SWAT police armed with tear gas and rubber bullets. Armed citizens peacefully gathering in a show of community strength and unity. The small town equivalent of an American Aircraft Carrier Battle Group letting people know that we have the means and resolve to ensure peace.

North Idaho is quintessentially American; a smile on our face, an outstretched hand in friendship, a rifle slung over our shoulder and a gun on our hip. As Reagan said, “Peace Through Strength.”

Nothing bad happened. No one was shot. No fights broke out. No property was vandalized. People felt safe, happy, relieved and proud of their fellow Idahoans setting an example and showing the world what a peaceful solution looks like.

Monday night at Gun d’Alene, the good people of North Idaho proved the gun debate is OVER! We won.

June 1 Gun d’Alene should be an annual event.


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