Wednesday, December 01, 2021

RICARDO’S: Facing permit woes

| June 3, 2020 1:00 AM

Can man rule himself or does he need government to rule him? My understanding was we the taxpayers are to be served by local government. Instead we are treated like criminals. I immigrated here from Panama for the freedom and opportunity that the USA offered.

Currently, I am having problems with the city of Post Fall inspectors and getting my permit.

I own Ricardo’s Baja Tacos and have been serving the community since 2012. I had to find a new location because my landlord sold the building I was renting.

The new location is 801 W. Seltice Way, Post Falls, and have been trying to get the permit and approval since February. The city just put me off another week until June 5.

I am a hardworking taxpayer who brings a lot of revenue for the city of Post Fall and the state of Idaho. I need to reopen to be able to support my family and my employees. The city is not serving me, the taxpayer. They are intimidating me and power tripping.

I live in Washington state and opened my business in Idaho because of the ease and freedoms Idaho had. Who is above the city of Post Falls inspectors? Where do I turn?


Post Falls