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Anglin with Anglen — 1974

| July 9, 2020 1:00 AM

July 18, 1974

This is mostly odds and ends as my heart was the principal actor on closed TV in Spokane last week, and it sure slowed me up. I got all good reports, so it really cheered me up. As the doctor said: I just prescribe more hunting and fishing for you, and if you think that prescription comes cheap just wait until you get my bill.

I recently received a letter from Dick Throm. He is married to Marlene Kelson. He said they will probably move back here some time in the future.

I also have a letter from a party in Oregon who was given a pretty bad time by some dogs at Bonner Lake. He also complained about the skinny-dipping going on up there. They liked the country and are seriously thinking of moving out here.

I would like to make it clear that I am in no way connected with the Idaho Fish and Game Department. I just write about my fishing experiences and add my thoughts occasionally.

Congratulations to Hal on the trout he caught out of Boulder creek. We have two other creeks over that way that are under fished, and I hear they are real good. They are star Creek and Spread Creek. I’m told they are two of the best dry fly streams in this part of the country. You have to make sure you are in Idaho though as the border is not plainly marked.

I did make it up to Dawson Lake early Saturday morning and did real well on crappies. I got one that weighed a pound, but they were mostly small and willing. I counted sixty then quit counting. In cutting them open, I found them crammed plum full of small perch.

I fished for bass some but never had a strike, which is par for that lake at times. I also find that as soon as the sun hits the lake you might as well go home. Usually you see a lot of fish rolling just before sunup, but I haven’t seen that this year yet. I hope to make it to some of these lakes I haven’t been to lately this next week. My only complaint is we just have too darn many places to fish, and I can’t get around to all of them.

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Editor’s note: For 27 years, beginning Feb. 8, 1973, Ralph Anglen of Bonners Ferry wrote an outdoor column for the local paper that was widely read and used as a source of fishing and hunting information. It was called “Anglin’ with Anglen,” and was the real deal, the genuine item, written by someone whose socks were wet, whose toes were cold and who pulled no punches. We will continue as space allows to reprint Anglen’s column solely for its pleasure and historical significance. Any typos, we leave as is. Readers are reminded that this column was written almost 50 years ago and conditions, including state fish and game regulations, have changed.