Friday, November 27, 2020

Taking an Rx break on editorials

| July 8, 2020 1:00 AM

It’s said that if you live long enough, you’ll get cancer.

Well, the editor of this newspaper has apparently lived long enough. (But still has much, much more living to do.)

Close friends and colleagues, and yes, some of the many readers who have become close friends over the years even though we’ve never met, know what’s happening. From every religious background, prayer warriors have taken the battle field on the bald guy’s behalf, and their determination to heel is keen.

The prognosis for this viral strain of throat cancer, stage 4, is outstanding. It’s one of the more painful cancers to treat, with both chemo and radiation. But survival is the name of the game and this one is looking like a 6-4 Cubs victory.

What’s become a problem is the quality of the editor’s work. Yeah, yeah — some would say that’s always been the problem. But somewhere in the potent mix of sleep deprivation, a cancer-attacked body wearing down, powerful chemo drugs, steroids, pain medications and other helpers to attract snippets of sleep or brief reprieves from pain, somewhere in all that, the editor’s work has become shoddy. And when an editor’s work gets shoddy, it becomes dangerous.

Thanks to The Press newsroom being packed with professionals like Bill Buley, Devin Weeks, Craig Northrup, Mark Nelke, Joel Donofrio, Glen Christmann, Hillary Main, Jason Elliott and others — and thanks for an infusion of new talent like Madison Hardy already here or en route — things will be fine at the Hagadone Newspaper’s flagship.

But until further notice, The Press is going to share editorials from other Idaho newspapers or skip that feature on Wednesdays, Fridays or Sundays altogether. A lot of newspapers have stopped publishing their own editorials. We’re eager to hear your reaction over the next couple of months.