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DELAVAN: Been here, can do that

| April 24, 2020 3:16 PM

The upcoming county commissioner election is crucial for the future of Kootenai County, especially district #2. I heartily endorse fourth-generation resident Greg Delavan. His qualifications as a Navy vet (medical corpsman) and numerous life experiences can be seen in his candidate forum questionnaire:

I have watched Greg first-hand in many meetings of the Airport Board and dealt with him when he was airport manager as an airport tenant. I found him to be very honest, forthright and very capable in all aspects of his many activities. I also appreciate his family’s use of the boat ramp at their Booths Park marina. He is a friend of fishermen, boaters and all citizens who cherish our rural lifestyle.

In addition, I watched him lead the development of the entire west side of Pappy Boyington Field/CdA Airport from a WWII laidback airport generating less than $30 million to our economy to a modern facility with over 900 jobs that contribute over $135 million to county coffers.

His management of the airport was very user friendly and efficient ... the way county government will be with his leadership. Vote Greg Delavan district 2!


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