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Wrestling, basketball, bowling and more

| November 14, 2017 10:03 PM


Courtesy photo Team Real Life wrestlers participated in and won the third and final event of the North Idaho Wrestling League series. This tournament, called the Battle for the North, was held Nov. 4 in Rathdrum. Team Real Life won the Large Team category and brought home the pictured traveling trophy. The team championship is determined by the points won by the 10 wrestlers selected by the coaches for each team. Team Real Life placers were: Champions: Byson Huber; Carson Speelman; Jacob Kunzi; Tyson Pulczinski; Lachlann Nilson; Mathew Hamilton; Will Jackson; Damion Hamilton; Benjamin Carrasco; Coleton Austin; Rider Seguine; Trey Smith; Briley Arnett; and Gavin Winter. Second placers: Austin Schaad; Ayden Washburn; Justin Donnell; Tristen Mendenhall; Noah Shore; Michael Stewart; and Caden Knight. Third placers: Lance Airey; Breckin Jolley; Jacob Aurora; Lennox Nilson; Brandon Felix; Jayson Bonnett; Seth Martin; Daren Airey; Parker Sterns; Brenden Hughes; Jaxon Brazle; Hunter Chambers; and Caleb Alverson.


Courtesy photo Team Real Life wrestlers competed in the second tournament of the North Idaho Wrestling League series in Kellogg on Oct. 28. In the front row from left are Jacob Kunzi, 1st; Lennox Nilson, 3rd; Tyson Pulczinski, 2nd; Colin Davis, 1st; Jaxon Brazle; Michael Stewart; Lachann Nilson, 2nd; and Matthew Hamilton, 1st; and back row from left, Rider Seguine, 1st; Noah Shore, 3rd; Hunter Chambers, 3rd; Jacob Aurora, 1st; Breckin Jolley, 3rd; Briley Arnett; Benjamin Carrasco, 1st, Byson Huber, 1st; Coleton Austin, 1st; and Damion Hamilton, 1st. Also placing but not pictured: Alex Austin, 1st; Gavin Winter, 1st; Justin Donnell, 2nd; Lincoln Deese, 2nd; and Seth Martin, 3rd.


Courtesy photo The Sting Timbers FC ’06 boys green soccer team finished the fall season last week. First they beat Spokane United 11-1 at home. Kai Delio scored a hat trick. Gabe Jones scored 2 goals. Gavin Samayoa and Austin Proctor each had a goal and an assist. Logan Delbridge, Noah Waddell, Eli Scarola, and Elijah Raybell each had a goal. CJ Harshfield had an assist. Then they traveled to Ellensburg to face the KVJSA Bulldogs and lost 4-1. Brayden Ristic scored for the Sting Timbers, off an assist from Gavin Samayoa. In the front row from left are Noah Waddell, Brayden Ristic, Elijah Raybell, Alex Patterson, Austin Proctor and Grant Schofield; middle row from left, Logan Delbridge, Gavin Samayoa, CJ Harshfield, Chief Allan, Kai Delio and Eli Scarola; and rear, coach Camron Cutler.


Courtesy photo Olivia Abbey, a member of the North Idaho Cross Country club team from Post Falls, won the age 8-and-under division at the USA Track and Field’s Junior Olympic Inland Northwest Championships on Saturday at Franklin Park in Yakima, Wash. Abbey finished the 2-kilometer course in 9 minutes, 8.52 seconds.


Courtesy photo Max Cervi-Skinner, a member of the North Idaho Cross Country club team from Post Falls, won the boys age 11-12 division at the Junior Olympic Inland Northwest Cross Country Championships on Saturday at Franklin Park in Yakima, Wash., Cervi-Skinner completed the 3-kilometer course in 11 minutes, 14.78 seconds.


Courtesy photo The North Idaho Cross Country boys club team won the age 11-12 division at the USA Track and Field’s Junior Olympic Inland Northwest Championships on Saturday at Franklin Park in Yakima, Wash., with a team time of 58 minutes, 56.31 seconds. From left are Lars Bazler (12th overall), Max Cervi-Skinner (1st), Ethan Hickok (14th), Zack Cervi-Skinner (4th) and Lachlan May (5th).


Courtesy photo The North Idaho Cross Country girls club team won the age 11-12 division at the USA Track and Field’s Junior Olympic Inland Northwest Championships on Saturday at Franklin Park in Yakima, Wash., with a team time of 1 hour, 5 minutes, 14.55 seconds. From left are Jenny Elliott (6th overall), Zara Munyer (5th), Neala Hart (11th), Emerson Duncan (8th) and Devyn Pirwitz (9th). Not pictured is Ara Clark (10th).


Cheryl Nichols Photography The Coeur d’Alene High Nosworthy’s Hall of Fame co-offensive player of the week is running back Shiloh Morgan. Morgan rushed for 100 yards and had 30 receiving yards with a TD in the 39-13 state 5A semifinal win over Mountain View last Friday.


Cheryl Nichols Photography The Coeur d’Alene High Nosworthy’s Hall of Fame co-offensive player of the week is quarterback Colson Yankoff. Yankoff passed for 294 yards and two touchdowns, and rushed for 80 yards and a TD in the win over Mountain View.


Cheryl Nichols Photography The Coeur d’Alene High Nosworthy’s Hall of Fame defensive player of the week is linebacker Ross Chadderdon. Chadderdon had 17 tackles, 3 tackles for loss, 1 sack, 2 forced fumbles and an interception for a TD in the win over Mountain View.


Courtesy photo The Sting Timbers FC ‘05 boys white soccer team finished its fall season battling the United SC Sounders from Omak to a 2-2 tie on Saturday at Canfield Middle School. Scoring for Sting Timbers FC were Jaron Voeller and Boston Spear. In the front row from left are Jayden Pham, Ari Rumpler, Brayden Ristic and Boston Spear; and back row from left, Cameron Childers, Quinlan Schreiber, Jaron Voeller, Landon Sternberg, Sebastian Baker, Charlie Pinto, coach Landon Anderson, Trenton Anderson, Gavin Schoener and Bryant Donovan. Not pictured is Stetson Gilbert.


Courtesy photo The Post Falls Elite Orange eighth-grade girls basketball team went 6-0 and won the championship of the River City seventh- and eighth-grade girls basketball tournament for the second straight year. From left are Bill Owens (coach), Lizzy Owens, Grace Couture-Ishihara, Jadin Krier, Ashley Grant, Mykah Kirking, Americus Crane, Madison Cleave, Hanna Christensen and Craig Christensen (coach).


Buzzsaw results

Kellogg tournament

Oct. 28

Rylan Valdez 2nd, Ryker Frank 1st, Cole Armstrong 1st, Ezekiel WIlliamson 1st, Dalton Carey 2nd, Austin Bartel 3rd, Seth Fredrickson 2nd, Anthony Eastwood 1st, Wyatt Carrey 1st, Jacob Rade 2nd, Justus Peregrina 3rd, Tanner George 1st, Brock Armstrong 3rd and Bryson Frank 3rd.

Lakeland tournament

Nov. 4

Ryker Frank 3rd, Ezekiel Williamson 3rd, Drake Paragamian 3rd, Cole Armstrong 2nd, Chance Tucker 1st, Seth Fredrickson 1st, Anthony Eastwood 2nd, Ryeder Palaniuk 2nd, Wyatt Carrey 1st, Jacob Rade 1st, Jordan Lupton 2nd, Justus Peregrina 2nd, Tanner George 1st, Brock Armstrong 2nd, Bryson Frank 1st, Colton Tucker 2nd and Gabe Wullenwaber 1st.



Nov. 11

2nd grade coed

Super 1 Foods-Green Gorillas - Lucas Lee (6)

Super 1 Foods-Navy Newts - Grace Gluhak (10)

Super 1 Foods-Cardinal Barnacles

Super 1 Foods-Royal Racoons - Cameron Ryan (6), Brielynn Jones (10)

Super 1 Foods-Grey Geese - Brody Weitz (10), Brady Brownsberger (6), Kegan Strange (4)

Super 1 Foods-Neon Knights - David Temple (2), Kenna Brotherton (2), Marissa Benson (4)

Super 1 Foods-Purple Pandas - Reagan Davis (4), Ava Keppner (2), Whit Parsons (2), Gaige Brooks (8)

3rd and 4th grade boys

Paul Bunyan Restaurants

Hayden Triathlon - Blake Brooks (4), Hunter Avriett (2), Cash Lund (6), Jackson Patterson (2), Mckade Brown (6)

Rathdrum Parks & Recreation - Ted Blasingame (2), Kyler Tunnell (2)

3rd and 4th grade Girls

Hayden Triathlon - Emery Summers (10), Miley Sund (4), Aspen Liddiard (2)

CDA Auto Care - Gracie Keppner (10), Paige Kennedy (2)

Lakeland Physical Therapy - Aly Jessop (8)

Varsity Productions - Lily Klein (2), Julianna Rude (2), Evelyn Wilding (8)




American Fence Company: Rilynn Arrison 2 points, Mason Brodin 4 points, Keaton Knoll 4 points

Coeur d’Alene Cellers: Maddox Hammond 2 points

Coeur d’Alene Family Dentitstry: Brightyn Gatten 2 point, Grayson Priebe 4 points

Dr. Dance Dentistry for Kids: Emmett Longtain 4 points, Zachary Mittelstadt 2 points, Landry Peterson 2 points, Sawyer Smith 2 points

Elite Sports + Orthopedic Physical Therapy: Lincoln Babb 4 points

Fred’s Plumbing: No Stats reported

Hayden Vision Source: Cooper Nusser 2 points

Inland Northwest Bank: Madison Garcia 4 points, Cody Sutich 2 points, Swayzie Thompson 4 points

Lancaster Market: Mac Peters 2 points, Liam Rettmann 4 points

Lifetouch Photography:Jack Sayler 10 points

Little Caesars Pizza of Hayden: Mason Fantozzi 6 points, Peter Wilde 2 points

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry: Levi Drake 12 points

McDonald’s: Otto Parson 8 points

Saturday Night, Inc.: Aubree Dever 6 points, Kellan Larson 2 points

Super 1 Foods: Mary Cole 2 points

Willamette Valley Bank: No Stats Reported

1st-2nd Grade Girls

Adapt Allstars: Riley Legg 2 points, Mallory Morrisroe 4 points

Dr. Dance Dentistry for Kids: No Stats reported

Hayden Triathlon: Ava Robertson 12 points, Taylor Shelley 14 points, Cassidy Tebbe 10 points, Makena Tebbe 14 points,

Lakeside Pediatrics: Chloe Brookshire 4 points, Savannah Hauser 4 points, Lily Havercroft 2 points, Riley Peterson 10 points, Kendall Williams 2 points

Little Caesars of Hayden: Paige Wassink 6 points, Payton Brown 6 points, Rush Gustafson 2 points, Cora Gustin 6 points, Jaeli Hoffman 8 points, Brynlee Johnston 22 points

Saturday Night, Inc.: Chloe Bligh 2 points, Millie Cushman 2 points, Texanna Schlechte 6 points, Paytland Schnell 26 points

1st-2nd Grade Boys

American Fence Company: Noah Erickson 4 points, James Guy 12 points, Brody Smith 4 points, Maddix Witten 18 points

Axis Spine Center: Cruz Conces 6 points

CDA Family Dentistry: Gage Gatten 2 points, Johnny Gatten 2 points, Daxon Priebe 6 points, Casey Songco 4 points

Fred’s Plumbing: Taytem Frazier 20 points, Landon Leveque 12 points, Logan Parkinson 14 points, Collin Simon 2 points

Hayden Triathlon: Colton Bligh 2 points, Mason Peters 6 points, Wyatt Rettmann 6 points, Lyndon Stenzel 4 points

Hayden Vision Source: Parson Buttars 6 points, Carson Eisenacher 2 points, Cayden Hollibaugh 2 points, Jaxon Lachapelle 12 points

Lakeside Oral Surgery: Cooper Adams 6 points, Aaron Aparicio 2 points, Liam Brock 4 points, Riley Lechleitner 2 points

Lakeside Pediatrics: Trent Lilyquist 10 points, Dillon Matheson 2 points, Brody Johnson 4 points, Gavin Tosi 16 points, Nathaniel Williams 8 points

Lancaster Market: George Chiappe 4 points, Henry Chiappe 2 points, Grady Hicks 10 points, Carter Tuck 6 points

Lifetouch Photography: Jacob Harris 22 points, Jacoby Longtain 12 points

Little Caesars Pizza of Hayden: Landon Brodin 2 points, Griffin Carpenter 2 points, Holden Carpenter 2 points, Dylan Mortier 4 points, Josh Sampson 4 points, Roman WUllenwaber

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry: Blake Anderson 2 points, Boston Anderson 6 points, Bryson Wallace 2 points

Perfection Tire: Sean Bradley 2 points, Ethan Coalvin 2 points, Jaxon Schillinger 4 points, Brayden Smith 20 points, Jacob Wood 12 points

Super 1 Foods: Marty Babb 2 points, Russell Kim 2 points, Silas Miller 2 points



3rd grade boys

A.C.I. – Andy Irgens 12, Chevy Sharp and Knox Keogh 2.

Integrated Personnel – Walker Poole 8, Landon Adams 4.

Scott Carr-Coldwell Banker – Isaac Kingma 8, Kellen Carr and Reid Ramsay 2.

Specialty Tree Service – Ean McClelland 6, Luc Buckland, Payson Shaw, and Kayden Klimek 2.

Idaho Forest Group – Kingston Wilson 10, Luka Joksimovic 4, Sawyer Henley, Wyatt Hutchins, Brenden Garrett, Caden Tony 2.

Cd’A Eagles Aerie – Collin Wright and Magnus Rants 4, Gage Schmidt 2.

Hayden Triathlon – Brody Bowlin 8, Connor Polen 4, Max Moreland 2.

The Wellness Bar – Taegan Williams 8, Karter Engebretsen 4, Lyric Young and Tracen Crossley 2.

Great Clips – Grant Johnson, Cole Hawke, and TJ Toboyko 6, Brody Rhead and Paxon Rasor 4, Crew Thompson 2.

Hayden Triathlon – Jake Collar 2.

4th grade boys

Hagadone Directories – Jaxon Pearcy and Blake Foulk 2.

Ramsden, Marfic, Ealy & Harris – Evan Robertson 6, Trevlin Brimhall, Hayden Adams, Ike Johnson, Caleb Adams, Brandon Byrd and Carter Delport 2.

5th grade boys

Cd’A Paving – Maddox Le 6, Kaemon Barnett 5, Grant Potter 4, Landon Lacaria, Landon Rushale and Jarrett Dennis 2.

Papa Murphys – Christopher Zabel 10.

Lakeside Oral Surgery – Carson Morris 8, Carson Smith 6, Carter Jockheek 4, Corbin Jacobson 2.

Lake City Rental – Carson Malinauskas 4, Luke Clifford, Gabriel Schabell, Levi Strobel, Brayden Fredericks 2.

Hayden Triathlon – Nathan Pulsipher, Oliver Graves, Payson Irwin, and Aaron Sadler 2.

Panhandle Animal Lab – Alexander Brown 5, Matthew Asher 3.

3rd Grade Girls

Cd’A Eagles Aerie – Kailee Beck 8, Addison Yochum and Kimiko Blickenderfer 2.

Idaho Forest Group – Camille Paterson 6 and Bella Rice 4.

Hayden Triathlon – Greta Nace 6, Madeline Peterson 4, Ella Pearson 2.

Cannon Hill Industries – Macy Murphrey 6, Sophia Piekarski, Molly Nelson, Maggie Hiltenbrand 2.

4th Grade Girls

A.C.I. – Brayden McDonald 8, Julia Peterson and Scarlett Fisher 2.

McDonalds – Elsie Nelson, Sonora Walsh, Kelsi Calderwood, and Isabella Badger 2.

Landmark Storage – Brooklyn Medeiros 4.

Young Construction – Skyler Breeding 8, Sadie Toews and Macie Chapple 4.

6th-8th Grade Girls

North Idaho College – Samarah Chavez, Savannah Lujan and Charli Smith 4, Becca McLachlan, Lola Burns, and Shandiin Shebala 2.

Allied Bail Bonds – Kaitlyn Toomey 4, Rylee McHenry, Kelsey Green, Ellasynn Adams 2.

North Idaho College – Samarah Chavez 2.

Yates Funeral Home – Chloe Burke 10, Paige Wilcox 4, Aaliyah Lopez, Chloe VanVolkinburg, and Tabitha Lopez 2.


River City Lanes

Nov. 11



HIGH SCRATCH GAMES — Conner Yokomizo 224, 214.

HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Conner Yokomizo 633, Brycen Clift 575.


HIGH SCRATCH GAMES — Tannis Iversen 173, Hailey Howard 150.

HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Hailey Howard 417, Tannis Iversen 415.



HIGH SCRATCH GAMES — Noah Rose 117, 94.?

HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Noah Rose 304, Daniel Clark 201.


HIGH SCRATCH GAMES — Dakota Medina 149, Jordyn Cord 137.

HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Dakota Medina 350, Jordyn Cord 308.


Age 7-8


HIGH SCRATCH GAMES — Jacob Hartley 40, 39.

HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Jacob Hartley 79, Tristan Cord 55.


HIGH SCRATCH GAMES — Kayla Tuttle 109, 96.

HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Kayla Tuttle 205.

Age 6 and under


HIGH SCRATCH GAMES — Logan Hartley 24, 23.

HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Logan Hartley 47, Kenton Still 42.


HIGH SCRATCH GAMES — Layla Pettry 95, Jaidynn Huber 89.

HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Jaidynn Huber 176, Layla Pettry 176.

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