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RESTAURANT: Didn't honor vets, military

| November 30, 2010 6:28 AM

Who are those people that own the banks bailed out by the taxpayers? They are the same people who own the Federal Reserve Banks and control our money. They give the President his marching orders and own the Democratic Party. They own the major media, the oil companies, the pharmaceutical companies. They originate wars and genocide. They believe they are better than the rest of us and therefore should rule the world.

Are We, the People doing anything to correct this? The only positive movement I see is with the Tea Party. Go, Patriots!  Bruce McKay, Hayden, Veteran’s Day is a day to honor the service of our Veterans and Active Military and some restaurants offered free meals or discounts.  I’m a military spouse and received an email about a free 6 inch sub at Subway for Veterans and Active Military.

We went to Subway on the corner of Appleway and the employees did not know about the free 6 inch sub.  They called their manager and he said the owner did not want to honor service members on Veteran’s Day.  I was shocked since Subway has big contracts on military bases.  I know each Subway is a franchise, but Corp. Subway offered a free 6 inch sub and the owner didn’t want to thank our service members on Veteran’s Day.  This Subway owner would not have all the freedoms they have if it wasn’t for what the military has done for generations.  This really hurts me personally, since I come from a 3rd generation military family with my late grandfathers in World War II, my father a U.S.

Navy veteran, my brother U.S. Army did two deployments in Iraq, and my husband U.S. Navy acitve.  This franchise was more concerned about profits; instead of following Corp.

Policy on the one day of the year we honor our Veterans and Active Military.  I would like to thank the owners of Subway on US 95 in Hayden and Northwest Blvd. for honoring our Veterans and Acitve Military on Veteran’s Day with a free 6 inch sub.


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