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BEWARE: They're after your money

| November 30, 2010 6:18 AM

During the coming months many different taxing groups will once again be sticking their hands into your pocket. These groups will be city, county, state, federal and school districts. 

While listening to their pleas for more of your money keep in mind a political tactic first used in 1996 by the National Park Service, called "The Washington Monument Syndrome" (Google it). This is used when an agency is faced with budget cuts and they want to tax you more. 

In 1996 the Park Service closed down the Washington Monument and the Grand Canyon. They pick a very visible or needed service, and threaten to reduce it. Hence, you always hear the police and fire protection will be cut. I guess they don't have secretaries, maintenance, cooks and oh yes administrators that can be laid off, hours cut or take a cut in pay. 

And beware of the heart tuggers! "It's for the children.” How many times have we fallen for that one only to hear a year later that we need more again?

Think hard before you allow someone to stick their hand in your pocket (except TSA at the airport). So keep your hands of what little money I have left — and my junk!


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