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Community Thanks November 29, 2010

| November 28, 2010 8:00 PM

THANKS: To the Cd'A community

In this season of Thanksgiving we want to express our sincere thanks to the Coeur d'Alene community! We want to thank the community of VETERANS for allowing us to honor them in our first Veteran's Day performance! A special thank you to the Coeur d' Nation quartet of Veterans who led us in the National Anthem. Also to the Civil Air Patrol Color Guard for posting the colors, as well as Petty Officer Brumley of the U.S. Navy for sharing his experiences on a submarine and presenting us a coin of the USS Spokane. Thank you to such an overwhelming response from the community in attending.

On Saturday evening we celebrated our 15th anniversary year at our Faith In Education auction. A special thank you to our major sponsors, Mountainside Oral Care, The DeMotte Family, Devin Galleries, Digital Lizard, Panhandle State Bank, Paul Matthews Architects, Platinum Home Mortgage, and James, Vernon and Weeks Attorneys at Law. We are very thankful for the hundreds of businesses that donated in one way or another and of course for the community members who attended this wonderful event. And most importantly we thank God for the many, many blessings he has poured on Lutheran Academy of the Master these past 15 years. To him be the glory!



Lutheran Academy of the Master


a partnership

The Hauser Lake Watershed's recent annual "Rake-a-Lake" cleanup event along the Hauser Lake shoreline demonstrated the successful partnership between local residents and the Post Falls Highway District. In the past seven years as tons of debris have been removed from around the lake, an old traditional "can do spirit" has evolved in the community. Accenting and highlighting this spirit are the bright orange trash bags, provided by the Post Falls Highway Department that has now become the recognized symbol of the Rake-a-Lake event.

A special thanks to Post Falls Highway District's Kelly Brownsberger, road supervisor, and Mike Monette, assistant road supervisor, who have become true partners in this community's endeavor.

Also a special thanks to this year's road crew, Mark Roberts, Brian Crumb, Bill Alexander and Bill Davis, who picked up nearly 7,500 pounds of leaves and 21 yards of slash/brush debris that will not add to the deterioration of Hauser Lake's water quality.

Also, a special recognition should be given to 11-year-old, Jordan Plonka, whose goal, by the way, is to become a doctor (he's on his way maintaining a straight "A" average), who volunteered for the event to help fulfill his school's community service requirement. Jordan sends a strong message to his generation and to those adults who stand idly by while others who understand the value of and work to maintain Idaho's pristine lakes, rivers and streams. It is everybody's responsibility.

Actions always speak louder than words when it come to "caring enough to make a difference."


Vice President

Hauser Lake Watershed Coalition

DISCOUNT TIRE: Their kindness

is appreciated

A sincere THANK YOU to Lee at Discount Tire and the young man who repaired a rapidly deflating tire FOR FREE at closing time Friday to get me home to Athol before the freezing weather would have killed me if not for their kindness.

Please give these wonderful kind souls your business. They don't know how desperate a situation I was in having recently lost everything and having recently fallen into poverty.

May the gods shine upon them.


CLUB: It is a constant in life

Breakfast and lunch seven days of the week, Sundays open a bit later to accommodate the late sleepers and church goers.

The menu offers many delectable choices for the healthy or not... for that time when you get the urge to splurge.

The atmosphere is friendly and service is frequently accompanied with a warm "sure thing, honey" or "no problem, honey."

What is not mentioned on the menu is the heart and soul of KC's breakfast club. It is not only a place to sit and eat, it holds for those who choose to participate, a sense of community. It is the constant in the life when cancer presents a challenge or the sense of belonging the ritual of a daily coffee clutch brings to the person who is finding his lost purpose. It's the job and support received of a young girl trying to turn her life around when all other doors were shut on her. It is the sense of family to those that find that missing in their life. The opportunities and kindness these people show in the face of adversity brings about a sense of gratitude and lightens the light in the people's lives they have touched more than you know.

From the free Christmas dinner, to changing someone's flat tire, to the warm bed in times of need Ken and Carolyn's spirit moves beyond their food. I know I have been touched with their kindness and generosity. Come join them regularly for lunch or breakfast and support them in their endeavor in making this world a better place to be.

KC's breakfast club across from the Post Falls Walmart. See you there.


Post Falls

EDUCATION SUPPORT: One of best parts of living in Cd'A

What is one of the greatest parts of living in Coeur d'Alene? The way people and businesses support public education! We are a community of hardworking people who want a good education for, not only our own children, but our neighbor's children, as well.

One of the best supporters of education I've found is Border's Bookstore. All summer, the manager, Sean Thorton, ran a book drive to support the Heart Reader program, which is in many of our District 271 elementary schools. This program involves volunteers reading with students one-on-one. The students, who usually need a little more help with reading, receive brand new books for their home library! You should see their little faces light up as they are handed a book and told to write their names inside the front cover. We were concerned about funding for this program, as so many educational programs have been cut.

But, because of Border's book drive this summer and your generosity, each participating school received enough books to carry this program through most of the school year! As I sorted through the book donations, I found many hardbacks and complete sets of books. I was stunned! I imagined the hundreds of people, buying themselves books at Borders, being asked if they would like to donate a book to the Heart Reader book drive, and they not only said, "Yes!" but purchased beautiful, expensive books for children who could never personally thank them! I was truly touched by your generosity.

Please continue to support our local businesses like Border's, which support our schools in this time of economic crisis.

We appreciate all you have done to support us and keep us afloat. If you are interested in becoming a Heart Reader, please call your closest elementary school for more information. An hour a week is all it takes. Thank you again, Sean, Borders and YOU, for your generous donations.



Ramsey Magnet School of Science

Americorps VISTA Volunteer Coordinator

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