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Youth Sports, Nov. 24, 2010

| November 24, 2010 8:00 PM


Camp set: The Lake City High School girls basketball team and coach Royce Johnston will conduct a girls basketball clinic for grades 2-6, sponsored by the Coeur d'Alene Recreation Department, on Friday from 9-11:30 a.m. at Woodland Middle School.

Fee is $30 and required in advance.

Registration forms are available at the recreation department office at 710 Mullan Avenue or online at and log into the recreation department.



River City Competitive League

Fourth Grade

Post Falls Elite White 19, North Idaho Hornets 18: Hannah Riske and Sydnee Rud scored six points each for the Hornets, Cambree McCullough scored four points, Natalie Sell two. Cambree McCullough had 10 rebounds and six steals and Natalie Sell had 11 rebounds and five steals.


River City Lanes

Nov. 20


HIGH GAMES - Dan Schaefer 222, Tyler Orth 180.

HIGH SERIES - Dan Schaefer 569, Tyler Orth 504.

HIGH GAMES - Savahnnah Stocker 185, Kelly McCartney 160.

HIGH SERIES - Savahnnah Stocker 486, Kelly McCartney 419.

HIGH GAMES - Dylan Sears 132, Connor Yokomizo 103.

HIGH SERIES - Dylan Sears 295, Connor Yokomizo 292.

HIGH GAMES - Natalee Findley 127, Dinah Seymour 109.

HIGH SERIES - Natalee Findley 318, Dinah Seymour 307.


HIGH GAMES - Cassidy Peacock 110, Holden Lamastus 82.

HIGH SERIES - Cassidy Peacock 166, Holden Lamastus 153.

HIGH GAMES - Veronica Peacock 64, Tannis Iverson 56.

HIGH SERIES - Tannis Iverson 108, Veronica Peacock 100.

Sunset Bowling Center


HIGH GAME - Corbin Staaben 194.

HIGH SERIES - Corbin Staaben 523.

HIGH GAME - Leah Anderson 174.

HIGH SERIES - Lean Anderson 443.


HIGH GAMES - Dylan Lunsford 225, Sean Stan 195, Cameron Dominguez 188.

HIGH SERIES - Dylan Lunsford 548, Sean Stan 525.

HIGH GAMES - Dakota Pearcy 165, Victoria Howell 164, Satira McGlathery 156.

HIGH SERIES - Dakota Pearcy 435, Victoria Howell 421, Wynter Clabaugh 396.

HIGH GAMES - Caleb Schmillen 156, Timothy Blaski 124, Kameron Morgan 116.

HIGH SERIES - Caleb Schmillen 375, Timothy Blaski 328, Joey Bates 310.

HIGH GAMES - McKenna Henderson 168, Madison Weyant 100, Josie Gavin 96.

HIGH SERIES - McKenna Henderson 354, Josie Gavin 257, Madison Weyant 253.


HIGH GAMES - Isaiah Hachenberger 101, Destin McWilliams 50, Jordan Gerdei 48.

HIGH SERIES - Isaiah Hachenberger 183, Jordan Sakae 135.

HIGH GAMES - Daphnee Hammond 62, Kylee Morgan 46, Elanor Fode 33.

HIGH SERIES - Daphnee Hammond 134, Kylee Morgan 121, Elanor Fode 97.



Nov. 19

2nd Grade Scores Sponsored by Super 1 Foods

GE Bears 23 - TLE Longhorns 9

(GEB) Ryne Hanson 2pts, Damian Firkins 6pts, Cole Bowman 2pts, Trevor Lewis 4pts, Cole Strietzel 2pts, Haily Gosch 2pts, Carson Seay 2pts, Logan low 3pts

(TLEL) Jared Rings 6pts, Rex Auer 2pts, Michael Simpson 1pt

BKE Rim Rattlers 8 - JBE Fireballs 8

(BKERR) Nicki Zubaly 4pts, Aaron Horne 2pts, Montana Zevenburgen 2pts

(JBEF) Andy Fagerlie 4pts, Scott Pote 2pts, Magee Pankoke 2pts

BKE Cheetahs 16 - SLE/AE Dribblers 20

(BKEC) Cole Pettit 8pts, Morgan Rust 4pts, Luke Ahrnsbrak 6pts

(SLE/AED) Chase Simon 6pts, Maria Becker 4pts, Alex Drake 10pts

3/4th Grade Girls Scores

Honey Bucket 2 - Sign Service 24

(HB) Sarah Boyer 2pts

(SS) Makenzie Dean 6pts, Tory Watkins 2pts, Jordan Fuhr 6pts, Zoe Potter 8pts, Charlize Crowe 2pts

Lakeland Family Dental 24 - Scotts Garage 2

(LFD) Alaina Pruitt 8pts, Taylor Elpers 8pts, Taten Gorton 8pts

(SG) Cheyenne Rardin 2pts

Hawks 16 - Country Log Furniture 6

(H) Keeley Briske 2pts, Kennedy Williams 2pts, Kate Johnson 2pts, Jasmine Henry 10pts

(CLF) Amanda Rohde 2pts, Georgina Simpson 2pts, Kaylee Gigbee 2pts

The UPS Store Post Falls 6 - One on One Fitness 10

(TUPS) Hailey Tingy 2pts, Shayna Weitzel 4pts

(OOO) Karissa Willis 8pts, Payton Kronenberg2pts

3/4th Grade Boys Scores

Dickinson Insurance 18 - Taylor Made Landscaping 26

(DI) Jared Roth 2pts, James Kelly 2pts, Wyatt Dickinson 4pts, Sheldon Kistler 7pts, Skyler Allen 1pt, Caleb Dietz 2pts

(TML) Carter Williams 2pts, Jaret Taylor 4pts, Jensen Dolan 4pts, Josh Neilson 9pts, Josh Roberts 2pts

McDonalds 2 - AMC Express 27

(MCD) Roy Rardin

(AMC) Levi Davidson 2pts, JT Wilfong 2pts, Dawson Cramer 7pts, Chase Gordom 4pts, Denton Meijerink 7pts, Luke Gaylor 2pts, Nicholas Probst 3pts

Rathdrum Parks and Rec 12 - Legends Sports Photography 10

(RPR) Harrison Kiefer 2pts, Dustin Cadwalader 2pts, Travis Derrick 4pts, Max Arno 4pts

(LSP) Ben Zubaly 8pts, Keaton Whitehead 2pts

T-Shirt Boy 12 - Defensive Edge 14

(TSB) Jesse Walton 2pts, CJ Moore 2pts, Nick Knowles 4pts, Alex Marley 2pts, Andrew Cazier 2pts

(DE) Riley Lewis 4pts, Canon Nosworthy 4pts, Mason Davis 6pts



Nov. 20

K-1st Grade

American Fence Company Brown: Cooper Horton- 4 pts, Eli Knight-4 pts; Ethan Nunley-2 pts, Codey Pierce-4 pts

American Fence Company Royal: Cameren Cope-6 pts; Caden Diamond-2 pts, Andrew Stockham-2 pts

Fred's Plumbing Light BLue: Trenton Fulkerson-4 pts

Fred's Plumbing Maroon: Gage Pleas-8 pts

Hayden Vision Source Forest: Molly Cox-2 pts, Amelia Potee-2 pts

Hayden Vision Source Yellow: Colin Cherny-2 pts, Owen Kelly-4 pts, Ross Lindhorst-4 pts; Connor Norris-6 pts

Liquidation Auto Group Grey: Grace Layton-2 pts, Cameron Olson-2 pts

Liquidation Auto Group Navy: No stats available

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry Kelly: Steven Ball-4 pts, Kobe Miller-4 pts, Jack Shrontz-2 pts

Nipp Insurance Red: Madison Symons-2 pts

Pinnacle Physical Therapy Black: Brayden Bengtson-8 pts

Pinnacle Physical Therapy White: Sean Karney-6 pts; Shane Neirinckx-6 pts

2nd Grade

Dr. Dance Dentistry for Kids Blue: Andrew Averett-4 pts; Braden Brown-2 pts, Jackson Gatten-2 pts; Cooper Larson-6 pts; Noah Morton-4 pts

Dr. Dance Dentistry for Kids White: Dylan Lovett-2 pts, Jack Meade-6 pts; Roddy Romero-8 pts

Idaho Hand & Upper Extrimity Therapy Forest: Logan Cessna-16 pts; Grant O'Brien-12 pts

Idaho Hand & Upper Extrimity Therapy Royal: Brayden Booth-6 pts, Kyler Haynes-8 pts, Christopher Swider-2 pts

Little Smiles Pediatric Dentistry Kelly: Melissa Cogley-2 pts, Brenna Hawkins-8 pts, Lincoln Hoffman-4 pts, Justice Leonard-Rowland-2 pts

Nipp Insurace Navy: Macalister Severns-6 pts, Sarah Wilkey-6 pts

Noodle Express Black: Darren Bailey-4 pts, Dillon Cayko-4 pts; Jace Singer-10 pts

Noodle Express Red: Marcus Butler-6 pts, Kendall Pickford-2 pts, Phoebe Schultze-4 pts, Owen Smith-14 pts




Lake City Booster Club - Devon Johnson 8, Ryan Morford 4 and Conner Dixon and Logan Jeanselme 2.

Hagadone Directories - Dawson Gilbert 4 and Jacob Overoye 1.

Idaho Trust Bank - Drake Prohaska and Colby Nosworthy 6, Jake Brown 4 and Gavin Sherar 2.

Dr. Dance Dentistry - Cameron Dance and Silas Connella 2.

Roletto Law Office - Cade McConnachie 6.

Yates Funeral Home - Brayden Sundstrom 8, Connor Sundstrom 6, and Thomas Schmidt and Payton Spencer 4.

Pita Pit - Caleb Markowski 4, Brandon West, Jack Willhite, and Jacob Howlett 2.

Lake City Booster Club - Devon Johnson 10, Conor O'Shea 8, Ryan Morford, Connor Dixon, Logan Jeanselme 6, Phoenix Dixon 2.


Waste Management - Logan Parks 6, Bennett Cunningham 4, Dylan Eisenbrandt 2.

Cd'A Oddfellows - Jorden Moe 12, Tyler Baird 10, Tanner Bogar and Lincoln Fletcher 2.

Cd'A Oddfellows - Jorden Moe 6, Nick Kaufman, Tanner Bogar, Fischer Conces, and Anthony Abernathy 2.

Pointwest Landscape - Lucas Briner, Alex Garcia, and Nathan Herndon 4, Max Wester and Ian Fleming 2.


Yates Funeral Home - Brady Whitmore and Nick Heberer 6, Hunter Morgan and Austin Graves 2.

Thorco - Zack Leens 6, Caleb McLuskie 4, and McCoy Patton and Dyllan Vasseur 2.

English Funeral Home - Logan Hendron 6, Jace Younker, Chandler Johnson 4, Carson Conery and Nolan Stark 2.

Avalanche Insurance Agency - Quentin Gonzales 6, Camen Bowling 4, Matthew Goggin,Gabe Markowski,and Sam Buckland 2.

Thorco - Caleb McLuskie 6, Zack Leens and Christian Yake-Peterson 2.

English Funeral Chapel - Logan Hendron 8, Chandler Johnson 6 and Jace Younker 5.

Treescapes - Benji White 6, Hunter Schaffer 8 and Dylan Salyer 2.

Avalanche Insurance Agency - Michael Cheyne 4, Camen Bowling and Sam Buckland, Henry Matous 2, Gabe Markowski 1.

Thorco - Caleb McLuskie 9 and Zack Leens 4.

Big Bear Landscaping - Cody Chilton 14, Tyler Mueller 6, Colvin Dunteman 2, Talon Hayes 3.

Yates Funeral Home - Hunter Morgan 6 and Brady Whitmore and Austin Graves 2.

Big Bear Landscaping - Cody Chilton and Colvin Dunteman 4, Tyler Mueller 2 and Jeffrey Guzman 1.

Treescapes - Benji White 9, Justin Do 4 and Ricky Bustillos 2.

Yates Funeral Home - Hunter Morgan 10, Nick Heberer 4, and Brady Whitmore and Ryan Lenox 2.

Avalanche Insurance Agency - Gabe Markowski 9, Camen Bowling 7, Michael Cheyne 6, and Sam Buckland 2.

Thorco - Zack Leens 4, Dyllan Vasseur, Caleb McLuskie, and Christian Yake-Peterson 2.


Cd'A Press - Dylan Shaffer 11 and Omar Tippetts 1.

Ironman CDA - William McElver 8, Alex Baughman 5, Keegan Spilker, Billy Manees, 2, and Nathan Jerome 1.

Integrated Personnel - Alexander Hamilton 6 and Liam Romasko 2.

Grace Tree Service - Tim Narolski and Konar Skindlov 6, Joey Jeske, Brock Tanya, and Chase Durbin 4 and Shawn Haskin 5.

Cd'A Press - Andrew Schaefer 6, Dylan Shaffer 5, Joseph Cousins and Zac Hollen 2.

Grace Tree Service - Shawn Haskin 12, Konar Skindlov 10, Tim Narolski 5, Chase Durbin and Brock Tanya 4, Chase Mitchell 3.

Integrated Personnel - Alexander Hamilton 13, Tony Olvera 6, Jakob Swing and Dru Stuckel 2.

Ironman CDA - Christian Howard 10, Alex Baughman 6, Danny Torres 4 and Keegan Spilker 4.


American Mower & Saw - Clayton Carter 5, Riley Schaffer 3, Gabe Johnson and Taylor Bethke 2.

Tri-State Consulting Engineers - Myles Mahaffey 12, Jacob Miller, Austin Quant, Jordan Spooner 10, Eric Siebert and Connor Newby 6, Spencer Syrcle 2.


Coldwell Banker-Fred Sharp - Megan Corette 6 points, Madison Fernimen and Geneva Bengtson 4, Lili Hare 2.

Cd'A Kiwanis Club - Cierra Larson and Jaron Figueroa 2 points.

Dave Smith Motors - Lindsay Weber, Jalani Dollente, and Aubrey Avery 2 points.

Mainstream Electric - Kate DuCoeur 4, Lily Hollibaugh and Emma Park 2.

Dave Smith Motors - Jalani Dollente 4, Aubrey Avery and Jaiden Pope 2.

Coldwell Banker-Fred Sharp - Shelby Sharp 8, Geneva Bengston 4, Liberty Croutch, Lili Hare, Madison Fernimen, Cece Cydell 2.

Global Credit Union - Lizzie Scarlett and Cosette McNabb 4, Brittany Boller and Nicole Cicero 2.

Mainstream Electric - Lili Hollibaugh 10, Imelda Bresee 4, Emma Park 2.


Eversons Jewelry - Emma Bohl 4 points.

Specialty Tree Service - Julia Karns 6 and Julie Schoener 4.

Solar Eclipse - Sarah Cobetto, Bethany Littman, Shaundra Russell 2.

Panhandle State Bank - Haley Hogan 6, Elexys Wood and Niketta Janoski 4, Brena Adams and Emily Minerath, Jessica Zimmerman 2.

Solar Eclipse - Bethany Littman and Shaundra Russell 4.

Specialty Tree Service - Julia Karns and Megan Simmons 4, Hayley Tetzner 2.

Panhandle State Bank - Emily Minerath 6, Haley Hogan and Niketta Janoski 4, Elexys Wood and Brena Adams 2.

Eversons Jewelry - Emma Bohl 4 and Madyson Umphenour 2.


North Idaho Business Journal - Karenza DuPuis 8.

Mission Investment Fund - Mica Riendeau 10.

Heart Clinics Northwest - Rhiannon Upmeyer 4, Marisa Butler and Kailey Baughman 2.

Cannon Hill Industries - Nina Judd, Tiana Cydell 4, Makaylah Whitton and Morgan Hughes 2.


North Idaho College - Abby Arthur 8, Taryn Horvath 6, Rebekah Zufelt and Abigail Horvath 4. Hanna Pack and Mackenzie Krapfl 2.

Pita Pit - Katie Whitcomb and Aubrey Payne and Isis Rich 4.

Eversons Jewelry - Taytem Wolfe 12, Sara Tobin 4, Emma Ployhar and Mili Atkins 2.

Lock Doctor - Chloe Falciani and Grace Schultze 6 and Sammi Malin 2.

Everson Jewelry - Taytem Wolfe 12, Morgan Linder 7, Sara Tobin 4, and Mili Atkins 2.

Pita Pit - Isis Rich 6, Ella Erwin 4, and Isabella Hollibaugh 2.

Lock Doctor - Grace Schultze 8, Chloe Falciani 6.

Polin & Young Construction - Kelly Ruebke 9, Emma McCormick 3 and Kasey Thomas 3.

Hoops registration: Registration for the grade 9-10 boys basketball league has been extended to today.

Practices will begin in December and games will be held the month of December through the first of January.

Cost is $26 for city residents and $31 for non-city residents. The Coeur d'Alene Recreation Department is located in the lower level of City Hall at 710 Mullan Avenue.

Information: 769-2250

Submit items for youth and non-varsity high school sports by noon Tuesday for publication Wednesday. E-mail stories and photos (in jpeg format) to

Information: 664-8176, Ext. 2019

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