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Labrador eager to represent Idaho

| November 24, 2010 7:25 AM

We just received this from the congressman-elect for District 1:

A truly historic event occurred last week in Washington, D.C.  Ninety four

newly-elected members of the House of Representatives, including me,

participated in New Member Orientation.  The week was marked with training

sessions and events for all of us to become familiar with where things are

on Capitol Hill, where we will each have office space and much more.

Idahoans in the first Congressional District would have been very pleased to

see the group of new Representatives present at New Member Orientation last

week in Washington, D.C.  Of the 94 new members, 85 are Republicans.  These

numbers might change as two seats remain in question at time of writing.

I was thrilled to find that most of my new colleagues are as serious as I am

about reversing the direction that Congress has pursued the last two years.

Thirty four of them have never held elected office before. Seven of them are

doctors, seven are farmers and thirty two of us are small business owners.

Due to the sheer size of the class, we have the ability to greatly influence

policy decisions in Congress to a greater degree than any other freshman

class in more than sixty years.  While the week had its share of light

moments, the mood of the group was serious.  We all know that starting

January 3rd, we must get straight to the difficult business voters elected

us to perform.

I have made commitments to Idahoans to cut spending, reduce taxes and

burdensome regulations on business and return power to the individual

states.  I look forward to working with the rest of Idaho's Congressional

Delegation to further these principles in government.

Between now and January, I will work with my transition team to ensure that

we have a fully functional office that is ready to help Idahoans the day I

take office.

It truly is an honor to represent Idaho.   I am very fortunate that voters

shared my deep concerns about the direction of our country.  Please continue

communicating with me regarding your concerns and how I can best represent

you in Congress.  We have not arrived where we are overnight.  It will take

sustained effort to get our country on track and I need your help.

Idahoans and Americans know the time has come for leadership and they are

looking to us to make tough decisions.  Knowing I have the strong support of

the citizens of Idaho's First Congressional District as we face these

challenges is a great source of pride and fills me with determination to get

the job done.

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