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BUDGET: Doesn't pass smell test

| November 24, 2010 9:07 AM

In a recent Press was an article which stated one third of doctors will refuse new Medicare patients due to more proposed cuts. WOW. Couple that with the AMA estimate that nearly 40 percent of doctors will either retire early or quit if Obamacare is instituted and our seniors who have paid into it all their lives are going to have a SERIOUS problem getting the care deserved.

Ironically, the half page ad just below this article was promoting the supposed need by the EPA to rid our now pristine creeks and rivers from the naturally occurring inherent minerals found in our mountains. The estimates for cleanup are well over a BILLION dollars! Is it just me or does something not pass the smell test? How about we suspend any more borrowing from China to finance the EPA at LEAST until we get our country's house in order and respect our seniors' just deserves.


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