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CZ Biosmart Infrared Heaters stand above the rest

| November 17, 2010 8:00 PM

Robin and Robbin Ball of Coeur d'Alene have been selling infrared heaters for five years and are very knowledgeable about the infrared industry. They are authorized CZ Biosmart dealers and can help you with all your infrared heating needs, including parts and service. CZ Biosmart is a Washington State company.

Infrared heaters are the cheapest way to get heat from electricity. They only use 1,500 watts of power which is the same usage as a coffee maker.CZ Biosmart heaters can heat 1,000 square feet or more and cost about 10 cents per hour to operate. We heat our 2,400 square foot home with only two heaters. They produce a whopping 6,500 BTU's and the heat output is phenomenal. You can't buy these amazing high quality infrared heaters in any store. These heaters will dramatically reduce your heating bill while helping to save the planet.

CZ Biosmart Infrared Heaters produce 25 percent more heat than any other brand and are rated No.1 by consumers. The patent pending infrared emitters are built specifically for CZ and no one else has them. They have a life span of 30,000 hours which is six times longer than a brand with heat lamps and 10,000 hours longer than all the other competitors. Heat lamps are very inefficient, produce much less heat and must be replaced every couple of years at a cost of $60.00 that you do not need to spend. There certainly are a lot of differences between infrared heaters.

The new CZ Biosmart heater has a built in four stage air purification system that kills bacteria and viruses and keeps your air clean. It also has a dual power setting of 1500 watts and 750 watts for even greater energy savings. This models sells for $399.00 . They also have the same heater without the air purifier that sells for $349.00.They have a state of the art digital thermostat with a remote control and a three year warranty. CZ CZ Biosmart also has in-wall infrared heaters for new construction and remodels that will save up to 65 percent of energy . Now you can replace your inefficient in-wall electric heaters with a totally safe alternative and use much less energy. All infrared heaters are totally safe and that is another reason why they are so popular.

With so many infrared heaters on the market today, you need to arm yourself with knowledge and ask questions about the features listed above. CZ Biosmart has set the standard and no other brand comes close. If you are looking for a cost effective supplemental heat source than look no further. We are getting rave reviews on this years models. We have an enormous referral rate so that speaks for itself. Forget the rest and buy the very best. Call Robin and Robbin at 765-7760 to see these great products.

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