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Practice what we preach

by Vicci Anderson
| November 13, 2010 8:00 PM

Mr. Ruskovich's My Turn article "Voters: We don't need no education" meant to slam the intelligence of our Idaho citizens disturbed me to say the least. His premise that we don't practice what we preach in support of education issues requires a response. He is right about our simplicity. As a senior citizen I have watched Idaho grow and change through the years but one thing screams out loud and clear. We have simply preached and practiced that if you can't afford it, don't buy it! You live within your means but set goals for your future.

We preached that your values and quality of your lifestyle is more important than the initials and titles after your name. We do not want to "classify" people by their education or finances and tend be nonconformists in that way!

We have strongly advocated education is not contingent on the dollar sign and some have even been concerned with the quality of education enough as to homeschool their children who subsequently qualify for college at an earlier age due to their testing scores! Education no longer seems to be governed by WHAT you are taught but only what costs can be incurred and what up to date resources can be purchased.

We are so "simple" as to believe that the curriculum is key to education, not the dollar amount spent. We continue to be "simple" not in our verbal capabilities but in our common sense approach to issues as well as education.

Through the years I have worked in many fields including real estate and one thing became clear. People come from all over the country and even the world to live here. Obviously the scenery helps but the entire environment which is

see MY TURN, C5


from C1

composed and comprised of us "Idahoans" touches their lives and they find what they have been looking for unsuccessfully in other places. That speaks louder than words.

I do not know Mr. Ruskovich's past history but he could do well to learn from the common sense approach we all have practiced over time and ages! Education is very important to all! Many of us wish we would have had that opportunity and encourage anyone that can to continue their educational endeavors.

However, many that ran for office do not have the degrees and initials to signify their "intelligence" by your standards and have had to grow through hard work, common sense and individual learning practices. Many of those that did not have the college opportunities in their past have self educated themselves out of their self-improvement desires. That speaks just as clear as any document stating how accomplished, motivated, and successful they are, showing their willingness to serve without a "class distinction" by the intellectual elite.

I guess it comes down to the basics which is the very definition of the word "education." It is fairly obvious that Mr. Ruskovich's definition and mine differ as do many other voters. We voted for the wisdom we felt is shown and needed in practical life, doing ALL you can with what you have, NOT with what you have not!

There is much educational information out there available to those that want it on the wise and unwise spending of the education dept. As far as the welder preaching Idaho sovereignty versus the pro-education candidate expert on the constitution, you should be ashamed of yourself. It would do you well to find out how many of us "ordinary" people have read the constitution and our country's history much more faithfully than the intellectual elite who look down their noses at "ordinary" people.

By the way, why do you stay here and put up with "we don't need no education" people? I trust you will find the verbiage of this letter a bit difficult but just consider the source!

Vicci Anderson is a Coeur d'Alene resident.

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