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And now, what's next?

by Ken Siwierka
| November 12, 2010 8:00 PM

The people have spoken! We have told local ousted officials your services are no longer needed - thanks. We've told at least one of our congressional representatives the same, regardless of how much money he spent on burying his opponent with air time. We have gotten a small taste of our true power: It starts from the ground up and we have to keep pushing our representatives to listen to us , not to special interests with agendas that will drown out our voices.

All men are created equal ... not. This group needs special funding and recognition. Individual freedoms are critical to counter heavily funded self-serving lobbies.

Did we win? I'm sorry, but this is just the beginning of taking back our country out of the hands of any special interest that doesn't have "all" of the people's best interest in mind. May I be so bold as to suggest some areas where "all" of our interests are at stake.

First and foremost , national solvency - we "The People" with our freedoms and free market should be driving our economy - not the Fed with their manipulative practices. Ask yourself, who is the Fed and why aren't they accountable to 'We the People?" As for Congress, I have to live within my means, so why do we have to be taxed on everything ad nauseam and we still don't have enough money? It's time to stick with the original plan, which had limits with the Constitution.

Secondly, Congress has never created jobs. They have only facilitated the chosen "special interest." Does this sound like a monopoly? Don't let them mess with a small competing farmer (FDA) or the job-producing entrepreneur. It's un-American!

Thirdly, I am tired of Congress being a charity. Let's make them stick to their charter, the Constitution, and don't tax me so heavily that I can't afford to give to my favorite causes or needs.

Lastly, simply ask yourself, has Congress ever fixed a problem without creating a burden to any freedom-loving individual? I believe they are a major contributor to a populace that expects their piece of the pie, deserved or not. Let me keep my pie and disperse it, often spending to help the entrepreneur or business that Congress is taxing out of business at the same time.

Demand that Congress simply follow the Constitution and its limitations and the rest can be managed by the state and cities where we can have some input and choice. With a Constitutionally limited government that isn't influenced by the wealthiest lobby, We The People can take control of our state and local governments that will reflect our values, not the values forced upon us from a federal level.

Please get involved and get your friends involved. Together we can make a real change for all of our interests.

Ken Siwierka is a Hayden resident.

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