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YOUTH: Experience Oct. 31 a real treat

| November 11, 2010 11:49 AM

The event I am going to relate may not mean much to most, but to me it means a lot. In my previous profession my interaction with most young people was not a pleasant one. I was told we probably wouldn't get many children on Lookout on Halloween for "trick or treat." We had already bought the candy so I turned on the porch light.

Our first visitors were two young girls, grade school age, whose parents were waiting at the street. I offered the candy bowl and each girl took ONE piece of candy! Imagine my surprise... so I offered them some more... each girl took only two more pieces of candy. They both said "thank you," smiled and left. Our next visitors were two young boys, middle school age, their parents were also waiting at the street. Again, offered candy bowl - each took one piece of candy... offered more... each took a large handful... the parents said thank you.

Our last three groups (approximately 12 total) were what I call "young adults" - obviously in high school. Not only were their costumes well thought out but none of them had on scary masks (or masks at all) and all had smiles on their faces. Again, I offered the candy bowl and imagine my surprise when each one of these young adults took ONE piece of candy! I offered more and each one took only a few more pieces. Each one of these young people said "thank you."

I not only want to thank these young people, but I think a big "job well done" should probably go to the parents of these individuals. So, my faith in our next generation is renewed - at least here in Coeur d'Alene.


Coeur d'Alene

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