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SCHOOLS: Better ways to succeed

| November 11, 2010 11:48 AM

I feel it necessary to respond to Mike Ruskovich's "My Turn" rant "Voters: We don't need no education" in the Nov. 6 edition of the Coeur d'Alene Press.

Taxpayers are getting tired of "Vote yes for kids." Does he honestly feel that those currently enrolled in grade school have a current knowledge of voting practices of elected officials or even what their platforms were? I asked a couple of local high school students to give me a rundown on the winning Idaho candidates in last week's election. Needless to say I got a bizarre look and I didn't get very accurate answers. So quit using the "we are confusing the poor grade school student by voters and elected officials sending mixed messages" rubbish.

The taxpayers are tired of socialists like you who have no difference on spending their money. Most would not argue the fact of providing good public education but it never ends there. People like you feel compelled to spend, spend, spend at someone else's expense. Please, why don't you provide to the taxpayers that amount of money spent annually that is above and beyond basic education. How much is spent in sports? I have no problem for those who want to participate in sports but why should I have to pay for it? How many schools do I have to help build and how many books do I have to buy in my lifetime?

My daughter is home schooled through an Idaho charter program. It amazes me how she can get her school work done in a third of the time it would take her if she were enrolled in the public school system. Her independent test scores are all very good. This is typical of correctly home-schooled children. We're able to educate in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost. Go figure!

Mr. Ruskovich sounds like a used car salesman with his "only 21 cents per assessed $1,000" in property values for a library. It's like being asked, "How much of a payment can you afford?" It doesn't assess the total cost or duration. People, look on your tax bill and see all the taxing districts with their hands out wanting more money and it never ends. If Mr. Ruskovich really wants a library, he can get out and work for it himself. Instead of whining that the property owning taxpayers are saying enough is enough, he could get off his couch and start his own "build a Blanchard library campaign" and build it like they used to through donations and fundraisers. I would even donate.

Mr. Ruskovich seems to like to think that the higher education one has the more eligible they are to hold office. I have known geniuses that were idiots! I'd take most trade welders over someone with a political science degree for office. Like Bob the plumber, at least we know he learned to make a living on his own.

Personally, I'd rather have a handful of common sense than a bushel full of learning. Apparently Mr. Ruskovich has a lot of learning. Maybe he's a genius.



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