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LEVIES: All pay, all benefit

| November 10, 2010 7:44 AM

I am writing in response to Greg Stevenson's letter of Nov. 7 and the many other letters to the editor that I have read through the years about passing levies and bonds for our schools. Many times I have read people saying, "I haven't any children or my children are grown, why should I pay more taxes for schools?" If your children are grown and you have grandchildren, who will pay for their education? Everyone pays!

As these letters to the editor appear to be well written for the most part, and the overwhelming majority of Americans get their educations at public schools, whose taxes paid for your education? If you do not want to pay for a levy, vote no, but the excuse of I don't have any children in the schools is a bit hypocritical. Educate me, but I will not educate your children in turn.

America is already falling far behind the world in education. If we are to even keep an educated populace we must not put up barriers to education. Low-income parents cannot afford to pay extra for a child's education and education is the way out of being low income.

My husband and I are very moderately middle class. We have always voted for bonds and levies. I am an educated woman. My children were educated in public schools and my grandchildren are being educated in public schools. Thank you to all the people who paid their taxes so that I could be a literate, contributing member of our society.


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