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ELECTION: Letters show great divide

| November 10, 2010 7:48 AM

WOW! The election is over! Thank goodness, since I think we all were weary of the campaigning. I would like to comment on the past few months coverage in the form of letters to the editor in The Press.

Some have written criticizing your paper, calling it Pravda. Acerbics have used vituperous comments, demeaning those whose opinions differ from theirs. In a couple of these letters I was accused of wanting to "take our Country back to slavery" because I promoted following the Constitution, and yet another called me a "fool" twice in the same letter. My first reaction was to have an "adrenaline surge," but then I realized that their responses actually enhanced the views I had expressed!

The letters show the great divide from the Conservative, traditional values and Freedom on one end to the extreme liberalism and embracing of the rebellion and disregard for factual information to the point of accepting the denying of Freedom, and embracing, perhaps ignorantly, the tenets of the Communist Manifesto on the other end! It has been interesting to read them.

One thing your readers should appreciate is your adherence to the First Amendment which you print above the editorial cartoon. A nearby city's paper solves the problem of differing opinion. It just doesn't print any, or only a few, letters which express views contrary to their own!

I welcome this opportunity to thank The Press and urge those who have so strenuously criticized us Conservatives to also appreciate that the First Amendment is a fabulous liberty and guarantee. I hope they also really appreciate and cherish it.


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