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GOP: Party strong, unified

| November 7, 2010 9:00 PM

Well, the election is over. The people had asked for change but it appears that the change they got was not exactly what they had wanted. Many of those who strongly identified with President Obama were simply defeated.

Here in Idaho, and especially here in Kootenai County, it was gratifying to see Republican wins. Literally thousands of calls were made to local residents asking for their votes.

Probably the hardest fought race was First District Congress. From the very first Minnick ad, which so badly distorted the record of Raul Labrador, it was an uphill battle to counter. Lots of people simply believed what they saw on television and did not take time to seek the truth. Thankfully we were able to reach many of them, and others took the time to seek that truth.

It was also heartening to see wins by Jai Nelson and Phil Hart. The write-in candidates did slow down the counting, but in the end the primary choice of the Party was elected. I believe that Phil Hart was a target primarily because he is probably the most consistently conservative member of the Idaho Legislature. Your support for him is very gratifying.

In the midst of the primary the charge was made that the Kootenai County Republican Party was badly fractured. Now it is evident that we are not a fractured party, but that just a few disgruntled were making a lot of noise. My hope is that those who lost will come join the effort to help make Kootenai County the strongest Republican Party in Idaho, if not the nation.

Those who ran supporting both the Idaho Republican Party Platform and the Constitution have every reason to feel vindicated. I look to see some movement toward more personal freedom in Idaho, as well as a strong stand against some of the more onerous federal programs in Idaho.

I believe there is now more unity on the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee than there has ever been. I invite anyone who has been critical in the past to join their effort to make Idaho a better place to live and do business. Let us keep our eyes on the goal and let us be successful. Thanks to every person who took a principled stand for freedom and shared that with a friend or neighbor.


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