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WATER: Keep it clean, Idaho

| November 5, 2010 10:00 PM

I am writing about the need for Idaho to prioritize protecting clean water. In the last two years Idaho has not provided any state funds for clean water monitoring. It is time the governor and our legislature support funding for clean water programs.

The last two years Governor Otter and our state legislature have significantly reduced funding for clean water programs. Clean water protection is much cheaper than trying to clean water up once it is polluted.

I live at one of the three pristine lakes left in North Idaho. With large developments moving into the area the waters that feed Kelso Lake could be greatly affected by pollutants. The need is great for water monitoring here, and many places throughout the state. When it comes to water pollution, ignorance isn't bliss. Idaho's water is a precious natural resource and not something any of us should take for granted. Please tell your elected officials to fund clean water monitoring programs this year.



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