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STRAHORN: What are the criteria?

| November 5, 2010 10:00 PM

An open letter to the city of Hayden Lake:

1. We are appalled that the city of Hayden Lake took the action to make Strahorn road One-Way through part of the city of Hayden Lake.

a. The mayor of the city of Hayden Lake has stated that the one-way part of the road is a test. We would like to know the length of this test and what criteria will be used to determine the outcome of the test?

b. This is perhaps the worst road in Hayden Lake - maybe all of Kootenai County. It needs to be repaved from Dakota Street to Miles Avenue. Rather than make it one-way, why not just fix the road so that it is wider and more pedestrian friendly? It should match the rest of Strahorn road. If some trees must go so be it, because there are plenty of trees on the Country Club golf course nearby and more can be planted.

c. Making the road One-Way makes this arterial hard for the neighbors (us too) to navigate. It essentially makes it impossible for people living North of Miles Avenue to go directly home. These folks must find another way to get north - they can use the road by the Country Club and then go west to hit Strahorn and go north again, or go west to Skyview or Maple Street and drive through the neighborhoods to get past the one-way section of Strahorn, or find another way to get north and back on to Strahorn. This is not good road management.

2. It seems that this one-way street with a bike path was not well thought out and should go back to the drawing board. This was a bad idea and needs to be undone. (The bike path has not been installed but it is marked.)

3. Thanks for your re-consideration of this matter.


Hayden Lake

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