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MANDATE: Not what voters said

| November 5, 2010 10:00 PM

Now that we have awakened to the repercussions of voter anger, I am dropping this note of caution to the Republicans: Be careful about believing this vote to be a "mandate," as some are already spouting. It's not license to do what you want, it's voters shouting that we want to be heard.

Representative government needs to take the place of big government - that's the message. Legislation passed should have the best needs of the people in mind, not the desires of those in power, or politically correct nonsense. Our security, our families, our livelihoods are the issues - not who can shove things down our throats or which party is "in control."

If the new folks elected Tuesday night can't begin to operate for the people of America, anger will persist. And anger does not bode well for any political party. So we will see what happens between now and 2012. Will they do what needs to be done, or will they be stymied by politics? Only time will tell.


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