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GOSPEL: Separate fact from fiction

| November 4, 2010 10:40 AM

This is certainly free speech at work here - when someone like Kathryn Kriss is viewed as an "expert" in the Bible study series "The Hole in OUR Gospel" and The Press allows her opinion to be heard. Kathryn - have you read the book? Do you know what this is all about? I am two weeks into the study and I am very convicted by what it is saying to me.

This is completely biblical - it all ties back to Scripture. We are in the world - and need to make a difference. It is not simply that we are Christians but should live as Christ did - helping the poor, healing the sick, visiting those in prison. "Serving the world" to a Christian means using God- given gifts to demonstrate our love for our neighbors and to let the world see that Christ is alive in us. If you love to cook - take a meal to someone in need. If you are handy with cars - help that teenage mom get a tune up and check her tires before the winter. There is absolutely no suggestion of any hole in THE gospel. Fill the hole in YOU by being a whole Christian. This series is all about "faith with works." I would invite everyone to read "The Hole in Our Gospel" - the world will be a better place for "the least of these" if we apply this to our daily walk.


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