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UTAH: Offers choice to convicted killers

| June 30, 2010 10:00 PM

In the Friday, June 25th issue, the letter from Mr. Werner Weber regarding “Utah: Punishment is un-American” creates a few significant questions.

First, is Mr. Weber saying Utah is un-American because it has the death penalty?

If so, then the majority of the states in the country are also un-American because they, too, have the death penalty.

Second, and more significant, is that if Mr. Weber is upset about Utah using the firing squad as a means of execution, he needs to do more background work. Utah is the only state I’m aware of that gives the person the CHOICE of lethal injection OR firing squad. Therefore, in this case, the subject CHOSE his means of execution.

Lastly, Mr. Weber coments on Utah’s (?) barbarism by saying “How can we complain about others when we make news with such barbaric means as shown in the newspapers?”

I’m sure the State of Utah, the Utah Prison System, etc., had nothing to do with the article and picture in the paper. Mr. Weber should be CONDEMNING THE PRESS if he does not appreciate the article and picture that was in the paper.

(I was born and raised in Utah; my father was a career police officer in Salt Lake City, where I also spent some time with that police department before ultimately moving on and having a career in law enforcement with the King County Sheriff’s Office in Seattle. I know something of what I speak!)



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