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RADICALS: Look out for the left

| June 30, 2010 10:00 PM

This letter is in response to the letter written by Cecil Kelly titled “RADICALS: Beware their impositions.” The author starts off by stating the definition of Treason, then tries to link it to the “radical right” and how they “demand we elect their candidates or they will use violence to impose their values on us.” Cecil then goes on to write a list of crazy claims regarding the right and the beliefs they will impose on the public. Most of them are laughable and like most liberals, completely untrue and unfounded in reality. I would like to present a list of things you can expect Cecil’s party to impose on us, and unlike Cecil’s list, mine is true and founded in facts.

n Massive Government regulations controlling every aspect of your private life

n Open borders with amnesty for all illegal aliens with free education and healthcare at tax payer expense

n Murder of innocent babies at taxpayer expense

n Banning of the Bible, and banning “God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, or the entire pledge as it might offend someone

n Forcing union membership/growing corrupt union power-SEIU

n Bankrupting of Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare-these programs are insolvent right now

n Characterizing Christians as hateful radicals while characterizing Muslim extremists as misunderstood

n Promoting the homosexual lifestyle and agenda to our children

n Characterize Tea Party goers and extremists’, racists, and Nazi’s instead of average people protesting an out of control govt.

n Force every American into Government run health care or face a fine/penalty-16,000 new IRS agents to enforce

n Massive tax increases in the middle of a recession

n 13 Trillion dollar national debt-which is currently at 91% of GDP

n Endless bailouts to Party faithful/cronies/donors

n Govt. control of auto industry, banking industry, health care, internet-look that one up, it’s coming

n Cap and Trade legislation-more govt. control and tax increases

n Shady back room, one party deals

n Continued out of control spending of OUR money

n Disregard for the Constitution

n A party that is controlled by SEIU and ACORN

n A President that associates with the racist Rev. Wright, the terrorist Bill Ayers and Communists Van Jones and Sol Alinsky

Cecil claims that the right wing radicals are trying to enforce their agenda on the public, that radical agenda is freedom from government control, liberty and opportunity for everyone.  You only have to look to Cecil’s political party and the list above to see who is forcing a  radical agenda on every single American.  

God Bless America, we could use it right now.



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