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HAYDEN: Lake blaze fires up passions

| June 30, 2010 10:00 PM

The enchantment of living on beautiful, peaceful Hayden Lake is deck dining every evening.  We live close to Hayden Lake Marina so the entertainment is watching all kinds of families and boats enjoy Hayden Lake. I can say last Wednesday night was the exception though. We heard what we thought was an explosion and then someone yelling “Fire!” Suddenly black smoke and commotion filled the Marina. We quickly went to our dock to see what was happening and to get a better view. First, the fire chief came, still more smoke and the fast thinking to get the flaming boat pushed out of the Marina.

Then came our beloved fire boat across the water. Then ambulance, fire trucks, and our loved volunteers like a caravan on Hayden Lake Road. The lake was filled with watchful kayaks, paddle boats, fisherman and several boaters to behold the scene. Thank God there were no fatalities. We have seen a few accidents on the lake in our 10 years of being fortunate to live on a lake. We are always grateful when we hear there was none. The fire boat is always a delight to watch them practice or just come over to fill up at the Marina. This was a real test as to how important it is to have a fire boat ready for us who live and enjoy our lakes in beautiful Idaho.

Then after the explosion, watching the clean up on Thursday, the dock boats and fire boat working together to contain the gas and oil slick. My thoughts were a smaller version of the precious Gulf problems. But, nonetheless how in a matter of minutes a combustible situation changes so many of life’s precious moments.

Thanks for a job well done Northern Lakes Fire Department.


Hayden Lake

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