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KELLY: Long list lacks any veracity

| June 27, 2010 10:00 PM

I read Cecil Kelly’s long list of the “radical right’s” lifestyle impositions and I must say it’s quite a list! I sure hope you can back up with facts the preposterous allegations and innuendoes you put forth. You DO have quotes with names, don’t you? Because if you don’t, I must conclude that you are just parroting whatever words you read on one or more of your favorite radical left-wing websites and have absolutely no idea what you are talking about!

And the lumping together of the Tea Party folks with the Nazis, KKK, and the Aryan Nation was quite a touch! You can prove they all are tied together, right? If not, I will assign you to the blowhard loony left brigade. I await your FACTUAL (with names and quotes) reply!


Spirit Lake

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