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KELLY: Liberal views suspicious

| June 27, 2010 10:00 PM

Whoa there liberal cowboy. Cecil Kelly III seems to be a bit paranoid these days (which I can kind of understand being a minority radical lib living among a sea of moderates and conservatives in North ID). But to imply that there is anyone in North ID who believes all the things he says that the radical right believe (in one of his many published opinions on June 23) is beyond crazy.

Now some of the issues he lists (trying to make all the issues sound radical and wrong) are mainstream conservative, and even moderate issues, and most in NI who would research them would agree that they are on the side of the right. Take his attempt to make it seem like “enforcing our Federal laws about immigration” is a biased, ignorant isolationist act. He calls it “stopping non-white legal immigration” and intones that right wingers want this. Please find us a non-Aryan follower who believes in keeping non-whites from “legally” immigrating, Mr. Kelly, and print their name. My bet is there are not any. And virtually every conservative moderate person in NI detests racial prejudice of any kind.

Then there is my favorite. You say we right wingers want to “reduce women to broodmares.” Wow. Right wingers “want to liberate” women who “really are” treated like broodmares (Iraq, Afghanistan for example), and millions of them now have their freedom because of us. It is you liberals who wanted to leave them as “broodmares,” remember? I hope this statement of yours about broodmares in itself reveals to all the future readers of your “many” published comments that your desperation and your hate of moderate conservative values warps the way you see things, and makes everything you say in the future... “suspicious” at the very least.



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