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Padding the iron wallet

| June 25, 2010 12:08 PM

The 2,500 Ironman triathletes and the friends, family and support they

bring with them are expected to have a $10 million economic impact on

the region.

Todd Christensen, president and general manager of the Coeur d’Alene

Chamber of Commerce, said today that with a multiplier effect of two

to five, the cash influx into the community should have at least that

much effect.

Hospitality facilities such as lodgings and restaurants see the most

immediate returns, but general and specialty retailers also get a

significant boost from the event, Christensen said.

And while the flow of traffic is slowed with all the additional cars

in town, and with some streets limited to vehicular traffic on raceday

Sunday, there will be ways to get to any business that is open that

day, said Mac Cavasar, race director.

Jason Gearman and Marsha Jaros drove with their Ironman spouses from South Dakota, and estimate each family will spend $500 to $700 while here, on lodging, food and miscellaneous expenses.

"And beer," he said this afternoon at The Moose Lounge.

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