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GEORGE: Then Dems should resign, too

| June 25, 2010 10:00 PM

Should readers assume that Mr. Thom George is making demands in a non-political arena and that he seeks only to protect Idaho’s hard-working citizens by asking for the resignation of Phil Hart for personal tax issues? Has he fully investigated the matter or does he make assumptions based on available press?

Should we presume that Mr. George will follow up and also seek the resignation of the president of the United States and the remainder of appointed presidential staff that have personal tax issues? Has he investigated their personal taxes?

Some examples: Timothy Geithner, Treasury; Tom Daschle, Rahm Emanuel, and the president himself for the non-payment of unemployment taxes for a member of his household staff. Are presidential appointees exempt from scrutiny and do we now condemn anyone before their day in court?

If Thom George does not also demand the resignations of current administration appointments, for their assumed transgressions, we might feel there is left-wing bias in his assertion.

I would suggest it would be more appropriate for Thom George to consider a paraphrased Will Rogers saying: “Walk a mile in another man’s moccasins before you presume to judge him.”

Thom George would also be wise to remember the old cliche about assuming.


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