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DOGS: Hot cars no place for pups

| June 25, 2010 10:00 PM

Last Friday while running errands I noticed a dog inside a silver Honda frantically panting as the windows were rolled all the way up to only an inch opening. The look in his/her eyes was desperation. I went into a few of  the stores the car was parked in front of and was told they couldn't help me as it wasn't a child. 

 I know how much your dogs love riding in the car as we don't leave home without ours UNLESS it’s too warm outside and she stays home. Wouldn't you rather come home to a cool happy dog instead of returning to your car to find out the dog who loves you unconditionally has been suffering while you were inside an air-conditioned store? 

The next morning we went to the Humane Society to find out what I could have done to help and was told to call the CDA Police Dept. @769-2320 and press "1". For Post Falls area call 773- 3517 and outside of these cities, call 446-1300 and ask for Animal Control. They have temperature gauges they use to see how hot the inside of the car is and take necessary action. I now carry these numbers in my wallet just in case.

Let’s keep an eye out and be a voice for man's best friend.



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