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Sayler sails into retirement

| June 23, 2010 9:00 PM

Toni Sayler is one smart cookie. Having been in the trenches with the Coeur d'Alene Chamber for nearly a quarter centur,y she knows why people come here to visit ... summer. So planning her retirement to fall just when the warm weather arrives is smart, indeed.

If you'd like to wish her well as she heads to the lake to enjoy the lazy days of summer, there's a retirement reception on Friday from 4 to 7 p.m. at The Coeur d'Alene Resort's pool deck. I'm not sure how the Chamber will ever replace Toni, who's served as Program Director for years; she's surely earned the friendship and respect of the community in her tenure.***

Allyx Waltz comes from good stock. Born on the first day of summer, the 6 lb., 10 oz. bundle of pink is the first child of Olympic athletes Ian Waltz and Stacy Dragila Waltz. Allyx makes grandbaby No. 2 for Ron and Sue Waltz, who welcomed Declan Christiansen just last month.***

Ironman is coming on Sunday and there's no shortage of inspirational, fun, romantic and incredible back stories to these athletes. If you know of one locally, send me an e-mail. I'd also like to know what your group is planning for your aid station. I'll be out on the course throughout the day and night and would love to capture some of these stories to share on More Main Street.***

I love a good love story and heard one this week ... local photographer Sean Watson was shooting a wedding on the island of Kaui and took his sweetheart, Sydney Spink, along to assist. They've shared gorgeous scenic photographs on Facebook but it was the news on Monday that Sean had proposed and Sydney said yes that lit up the comment section. Congratulations you two! ***

Travis Baker suffered a stroke at age 40 this winter and is progressing in his rehabilitation but still unable to go back to work. The friends who describe Travis as "everybody's friend" want to help out when his short-term benefits run out soon so they're holding a benefit on Sunday at the Slab Inn with the Kelly Hughes Band, Shayne Rammler and Dark Horse and a silent auction and raffles. Everyone's invited, starting at 3 p.m., 773-5440.***

Happy birthday today to Ric Clarke, Otis Fencl and Eva Oliveria, who's celebrating 85 years! Tomorrow wish Jim Reynolds, Kathy Bush and Laura Ann Lahr a happy birthday. Friday is a busy birthday date with Megan Ownbey, Mikki Stevens, Jan Olsen, Sally Parsons-Mackin, Connie McGee, Kylie Gibson, Joanne Hildebrant and Jim Guy breaking out the party hats. On Saturday Ben Wolfinger, Kit Hoffer, Margi Domme, Ernie Hunt, Chloe Hutter and Sheryl Snyder will blow out the birthday candles. John Goodlander and Janet Smith will be surrounded by family for their birthdays on Sunday. Norma Fencl celebrates her birthday on June 28, just five days after her sweetheart Otis' birthday.

***A post script for Betty Carter of Cherryvale, Kansas, who passed away over the weekend. Betty and I never met but she was a loyal reader of my original column, Post Scripts, that started in the Post Falls Tribune in 1990. She received the weekly Tribune through the mail from her daughter, Jeannie Peugh, longtime Tribune office manager. I so enjoyed the notes Betty would send my way in those early days. In her honor I wanted her name to appear here one last time ...

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